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VWClubMalaysia Track Day 2018 Sponsorship Price

Great news! You can get RM 3501 off your track day this coming 03 August 2018!

This is what you need to do:

  1. Visit2 any of the participating sponsors below and provide
    • Your Registered Name for the trackday;
    • Your Car Registration Number for the trackday;
    • Your Identification Number for the trackday.
  2. Pay RM 300 (for VW) and RM 350 (for non VW) to the participating sponsors;
  3. Once we have processed your entry, you will receive an email from info@vwclubmalaysia.com to confirm your slot!

Note :

  1. This is only applicable to those who have registered for the track day. We are currently full for the track day but if you would like be on the waiting list, please sign up here
  2. Participating sponsors will have respective criteria / requirement to fulfill – The sponsorship of track day payment is entirely at the decision of the participating sponsors and the rights to reject any request to sponsors without providing any form of justifications.

Participating sponsors

Quattrozone Sdn Bhd (Balakong)
Kelvin Cheng +60 16-533 6879

M-Power Technique (Cheras / Sunway)
LC Wai +60 16-332 9321

Eurodivision Motorsport (Petaling Jaya)
Vishnu +60 17-206 4892

Vestra Motorsport (Pulau Pinang / Johor)
Henry Khor +60 17-434 3118

MIL Auto (Kuala Terengganu)
ABI +60 19-394 5438

Terms and Conditions

1.  The Track Day is conducted with official sponsors participation, along with the sponsors logo, insignia and peripherals. As such, participants are prohibited from affixing logos, insignia , peripherals etc of companies/teams not associated with the Track Day sponsors/organisers. The Track Day organisers reserve the right to instruct participants to remove prohibited logos, insignias , peripherals or to remove the participant from participating in the Track Day with immediate effect;

  1. The organizer(s) reserve the right to amend the Rules and Regulations without prior notice.

  2. If you wish to transfer your slots, please notify us at info@vwclubmalaysia.com one week in advance of the track day, transfer request after the cut-off date, will not be entertained.


Volkswagen Golf MK7.5R on Performance Box

I was just chatting with a friend yesterday; he aspires to be a social media influencer and so the conversation goes –

Friend : Dude, hire me as your ambassador for instagram?
Me : How many followers you have?
Friend : about 400-500
Me : Fxxk off!!
Friend : Why?
Me : Lets face it dude, you have no followers, VWClubMalaysia Instagram now is close 15,000 so why would we use someone who has less followers as ambassador? It makes no sense  – like wearing pasar malam level clothing and telling everyone you have money.
Friend : You help, I help you lahhhhhhh
Me : Why don’t you buy us all a Golf Mk7.5R and we will consider doing a video for you but bear in mind, NO ONE WILL WATCH IT!  bwahhahahahahhah

And then we decided, to go shoot the MK7.5R and for some reason I decided to put a bit of colors to it – some say art but for me, its trial and error and I like what I see.

A special note to thank Wing Hin Autohaus for the car – my second Golf 7.5R “project” and because its white, it holds a special spot in my heart. Having said that, I will change that wheels before Volkswagen can say Das Auto.

Anyway, back to topic proper, I am in a holiday mood (again) so please don’t mind the extra comments. A few post back, I took the FK8R out for a spin and I wanted to benchmark it to the Golf R – of course I anticipated that I will get a 7.5R a few months later (15 years in the finance industry wasn’t a field trip you know).

Lets look at the FK8R P-box stats but before that, let me mention a few “facts”;

  1. FK8R is manual and I shift worse than your grandmother because I haven’t driven a manual for ages;
  2. FK8R has 20″ wheels;
  3. FK8R has more power on paper vs the Golf 7.5R;
  4. The Golf R is running on ” wheels (edit).

Why use a Performance Box like race logic? PBOX (in short) is a GPS device and unlike the OBD devices, you can’t cheat – with the DBscanner software, they take into account slopes and corrects the time to give a more accurate reading.

I have misplaced my raw data somehow but thankfully I have had screenshots done for the FK8R. I did not log the century sprint because I did not know how to launch the car and I didn’t want to call the owner at 12am to ask him how to do it.

In summary, FK8R completes the quarter mile mark at 14.69s and a very slow 100-200 at 18.46s. Honda fans, don’t flame me because I suck at shifting but fact is, you can’t shift as fast as DSG – ok ok, then you will say DSG fails, agree! but my point is, time is subject to my shifting style, so don’t bring guns yet.

For the MK7.5R

0-100km/h at 6.14s corrected
100-200km/h 14.48s corrected
Quarter Mile 13.20s corrected

I had to record 0-100km/h because someone told me, its 4.8s on the brochure without launch control! Of course i said its impossible so i had to try it but I did not launch the Golf R. I need a donor!!! Please let me launch your car!

MK7.5R is entirely stock and my prediction was correct, the DSG Mk7.5R will beat the FK8R on 400m – but of course, if MK7.5R manual, I believe the FK8R will lead.

More pictures after the test

The Volkswagen MK7.5 R Dyno-ed

Forget what the brochure says, we put the new Volkswagen MK7.5R on the dyno.

The question that we are going to address is, how much improvement of power vs prior generation of MQB platform MK7R. Its busy day for me and more things to do before end of the day so I will keep it short

Lets take a look at the graph of two different dyno – Blue belongs to the new MK7.5R and the red one belongs to MK7R (my car). Both cars have clocked under 1,000km for dyno, using Ron 97 fuel with equally stock hardware. My 0.02 cents;

  1. 7.5R is rated 310ps but detuned to 290ps in Malaysia and runs 277hp on the dyno – which gives us around 5.5% power loss. Don’t ask me why some use 15% powertrain loss to calculate BHP or how a GTI from 230bhp to 340bhp;
  2. I noticed that the 7.5R is choking at the end of the RPM, i reckon it needs more air;
  3. My datalog (no time to study thoroughly but i recall very briefly) the intake air temp is on the high side and we should get a better HP with better temp;
  4. Note also the AFR is a little bit lean and from my logs, the Golf R is pushing 1.3bar boost stock – will look a the data again later;
  5. Overall, i find the transmission on the 7.5R much smoother than the 7R DQ250 but I did not do a full out test mode – why? because contrary to believes, the car is NOT MINE.

However, I would like to get one to do FULL ON test mode but I guess that’s going to be tough unless someone kind enough to lend me for a few days – free stickers for you ok?

The question that everyone is asking – how does the Golf R benchmark against the Honda FK8R?

A few months back, I had a FK8R for a few days – I did say that I am going to compare the car, but this is not a review – at least not now. Based on this chart that i extracted from the same dyno; my 0.02 cents again;

  1. FK8R peak power (green) seems to be higher than Golf R (blue) but from early to mid range, the Golf R seems to be better than the FK8R;
  2. It does felt the the FK8R has more power at higher RPM when I drove it;
  3. For drag, I reckon both cars will be quite similar depending on the distance – 200m, launch control, I think the Golf R will emerge as the winner but anything more than 400m, I believe the FK8R may have advantage.

Anyway, that’s just my very tip of the iceberg view – without looking at data / performance boxes, its hard to make a conclusion – heck, I did not even push the Golf R through corners but I do note that the 7.5R feels more agile vs the 7R – something I noticed at Nurburgring too.

Till the next update.


From Wolfsburg to Stuttgart – k3v’s travel logs part 6

Took a break from updating the blog. There are so many photos that I took and it came out a bit under my expectations and I end up doing much of editing and eventually the jet lag got the better of me; running low of sleep was not helping either.

That aside, I found out today about certain individual doing funny things (in short back-stabbing) when you actually wanted to help them.

Imagine, who in marketing mind  would miss out congratulating the first person who bought a 300k car right? Premium priced car, top of the range and no body bats an eye, not even your own medias!

Pffuufffff, buy an AMG better – at least get a “welcome to AMG lounge” or an Audi RS3 would be nice, no welcome but with 400hp I can zoom my way out of these two-face politicking BS. it really dampens the enthusiasts mood but the show goes on I guess.

Here is a summary of the museum visits;

  1. The drive from Wolfsburg to Nurburgring via Ingolstadt / Munich / Stuttgart is 1,105km;
  2. Been one and you been them all – unless of course you love history and reading them makes you want to buy a Golf R than a FK8R;
  3. The name that came out in all 4 museum that we went to is Ferdinand Porsche, no wonder he is awarded the engineer of the century (if I recall correctly) – salute!;
  4. As far experience is concerned, I like the Mercedes museum the best, BMW not a fan, Audi was not as I expected and Porsche was the smallest among them;
  5. All factory tour has to be pre-booked or you get nothing;
  6. We saw James May and Richard Hammond at Porsche Museum restaurant though. not star struck but I took a picture from far while waiting for my Panamera Pasta – YES, its on the menu;
  7. Spotted a GT2RS in flesh at the Porsche Museum, to be honest, that’s something we can relate rather than a Porsche 365 – well, like i said, unless you are into history and classics, it may bore you;
  8. Of all the cities / town, the one that I like the most is Stuttgart, its not too quiet like Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg and less busy than Munich and Frankfurt;
  9. Frankly, too many places on the itinerary, I would rather we spend 2 nights in Nurburgring, I truly enjoy the ambient; in midst of the action and yet everything is so calm. Anyway, that’s the next post.

Enjoy the pictures, I had more but the editing is tiring and work beckons.



Stuttgart / Mercedes Museum

Stuttgart / Porsche Museum

Wolfsburg plant tour and Autostadt – k3v’s travel logs part 5

Trying to keep things simple and easy. I don’t think anyone wants to read grandmother stories so I will keep it brief and upload more photos instead but its difficult to cramp everything into one post.

Wolfsburg, the home of Volkswagen where you will find Autostadt (Auto City) and a 6.5km2 is the largest production plant is Germany and even the world (if I heard correctly).  The plant is even bigger Monaco (which is around 2.02km2) houses approximately 70,000 employees working on 3 shifts to produce up to 3,800 vehicles daily.

Wolfsburg population is around 120,000 so your neighbour will likely be your colleague – the joke someone made, the other 50,000 are actually the staff’s family members.

The plant produces Tiguan, Touran, SportVan, Golf variant (included Golf R) and each vehicles takes 16 hours to complete. Standing in front of the majestic factory, the landmark of Wolfsburg ,you can’t help but to be in awe, this, since 1938? Insane awesome.

The factory tour is a must! Autostadt on the hand, contains information on all the brands under Volkswagen group, new and old and also activities. To be honest, i would have spend a day chilling here, the ambient here is awesome, tranquility in the midst of all the technological advancement.

You must not miss the Autostadt Tower tour.

Autostadt tower at night

Brings me back to the Mission Impossible scene of Tom Cruise falling from the carrier. I have a live video uploaded in the group and you can check it out here.

At Autostadt, you can also sign up for the safety driving, tiguan, touareg experience, please bear in mind you will need to book everything in advance, its not expensive but you can expect to spend something like 70-80 euros but since you are there, what’s 80 euro right?

We went for the safety experience, had a chance to drive the E-Golf. It feels like a Golf 1.4tsi to be honest, good low end torque but lacking a bit of “soul” to the engine – sorry I am not an electric car guy, but the digital display is welcoming 🙂

We have to thank you Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia for the special privilege that we received during our visit, needless to say our entry passes were taken care off too and we highly appreciates it.

The city itself, I would say there’s nothing much to do in the evening. We drove around in the evening and its quiet which brings us to the conclusion that everyone is either home sleeping or at the factory doing their shifts.

OK, enough of words, here are the pictures (in no particular order)

VWClubMalaysia Track Day 3 August 2018 Night Session

This will be our first night session track day!! As informed by Sepang, there will be flood lights installed in the next couple of months and night track days will possibly be the best option for cars suffering from extreme heat.

Date : 03 August 2018, Friday
Venue : Sepang International Circuit (SIC)
Time : 2000-0000hrs (night session)
Maximum limit: 70 cars (60 VW / 10 Others) Priority given to Volkswagen Owners

Entry Price :

Volkswagen Cars RM 650 / Other Makes RM700 with or without transponder
Transponders are available up to 66 participants only , you can opt for “no” transponder in the registration form, please select accordingly;

Normal Rate / Walk-in Rate (if slots are still available) at RM850 – with transponder depends on availability . Additional driver RM 200, please sign up on event day;

RM 100 will be collected as a refundable deposit for transponders on the actual day.

Payment details
CIMB Account No : 8008505821
Account Holder Name : Kelab Volkswagen Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor
Payment Notification by email : info@vwclubmalaysia.com
Contact Person : Treasurer Bernard Lim Whatsapp Only +60 17-375 2588

Please email the payment receipt along with your full name to the email address above to confirm your slot by 01 July 2018, otherwise your slot will be released.

Please click on this link to register

Please note:

  1. That by submitting this form, it is deemed that you have agreed to the Sepang International Circuit’s and the organizer’s terms and conditions.

  2. Payment for the event must be made by 01 July 2018, failing which your slot will be released without prior notice.

  3. The organizer(s) reserve the right to amend the Rules and Regulations without prior notice.

  4. If you wish to transfer your slots, please notify us at info@vwclubmalaysia.com in advance. Transfer request on event day will not be entertained.

  5. The Track Day is conducted with official sponsors participation, along with the sponsors logo, insignia and peripherals. As such, participants are prohibited from affixing logos, insignia , peripherals etc of companies/teams not associated with the Track Day sponsors/organisers. The Track Day organisers reserve the right to instruct participants to remove prohibited logos, insignias , peripherals or to remove the participant from participating in the Track Day with immediate effect

More sponsors to come and if you are keen to sponsor the track day or have further inquires, you can contact us at info@vwclubmalaysia.com.

Koh Samui Drive 2017 with Passat B8 Comfortline

I have always wanted to do a cross border drive but its not easy planning for one especially when we have a big convoy. Thankfully, there are members that have done so and is very helpful to get us started. Special thanks to Faizaki, Fakhri Farid, DK, Hisham, Saiful and all those involved in planning for the trip and also thank you to Wing Hin Autohaus for sending in the Passat B8 Comfortline as the support car.

The drive to Koh Samui is estimated around 2000km round trip, which started on 16 Feb 0040hrs from Subang Jaya. I was very excited because this is my first time and we get to go on the all new Passat B8. Honestly, I am not a big fan of the DSG7; lets face it, after hearing so many complaints about the gearbox and to say that I am a fan, is B.S.

If given a choice, I would have gone for the Passat B8 2.0t (highline) than 1.8t (comfortline) because its human instinct to pick the best (or perceived best) but after 1000km on it, I have to admit that the comfortline is pretty decent as well. It doesn’t have the digital cluster like the highline, missing the media pro entertainment which means that it does not have the app connect enabled.

The good news is, the app connect activation key can be purchased from the service centre – sorry but I am a big fan, because it connects seamlessly to my Spotify playlist and you get almost everything from the highline such as electronic boot, massage seat (probably not thai-style), cruise control, driver alert assistant, a much futuristic interior compared to the highline wood-ish panel and a newly improved DSG7 gearbox or so I was told.

I know a lot of people (especially Volkswagen fans) are not impressed with the comfortline because of its DSG7 gearbox but I have heard from a reliable source that Volkswagen made some changes to the gearbox; something to do with clutch and mechatronic (validated).

Technical aside, after spending much mileage on the car, I honestly think that DSG7 on B8 is a little better than the B7. Why? I recall my experiences with the B7 having juddering issues at early stage of the car; I test drive many cars because of my profession and the juddering is something I noticed on most B7, regardless of mileage and not a silo-case.

On the B8, I felt otherwise but I am sure the quest for power is never ending, 260nm as some report but 280tsi badge was supposedly to represent the official torque number. I try to sent the car to a dyno machine once I get back to work but with the EA888.3 (gen3), I am sure it has more potential power output limited by the DQ200 gearbox. If only they made this with a DSG6 / DQ250, I am very sure it will make good numbers on the dyno.

The Comfortline really impresses me on the fuel consumption. We were late to kick off our journey by 1 hour, in fact, based on legal speed limit, we were expected to start at 0000hrs and reach CTC (Changlun rest) by 0530hrs before we cross border. Cut the story short, we traveled above legal speed, had 2 interval rest of 30 and 45 minutes, then arrived at CTC 30 mins earlier despite starting 1 hour late with average Fuel Consumption (FC) on the Multi-Function Display (MFD), pretty impressive.

For comparison purposes, my Golf R on that sort of speed definitely scores above 10.5L/100km. I was very convinced that we will reach Samui on a tank of fuel (about 1000km) but that will be taking risk, moreover, we are the support car and it doesn’t make sense if we breakdown instead.

Since last refill, we have covered close to 400km and more than half tank left. I am sure we can make it to Haatyai and refill again before we leave for home and I am really tempted to take that risk…. Lets see how many KM can the car actually clocks instead of a projected range.

Anyway, that’s all for the update on Day 1 travelling and here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Volkswagen Club Malaysia 2017 CNY Greeting

Volkswagen Club Malaysia would like to wish everyone a very happy, prosperous and ‘explosive’ Chinese New Year! May everyone have a joyous celebration with your family, friends and loved ones in ushering in the year of the rooster!

Do remember to check your vehicle conditions and tires before traveling during this festive period. But most importantly, drive safe!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year!


Much thanks to those involved in the production of this short greeting, through challenging conditions in the rain we pulled it all through. Hats off to everyone,

Videography: TGTR & Ibrahim Faiesall
Script: Kevin Tan, Merlvyn Tan & Daryl Yap
Dialog Actors: Abdul Muhaimin, Vishnu, Omar Rahman and Andy Low
Crew: Volkswagen Club Malaysia Members
Thank you Moty’s Engine Oil / ATM Performance and Wing Hin Autohaus for making this happen.

How to read your Volkswagen VIN Number



In the past few days, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) a.k.a. Volkswagen Malaysia have announced a goodwill of additional two-year warranty on DSG, you can refer to the presentation deck here and also media coverage from Paultan.Org.

In summary, there are two conditions that MUST be met for this VPCM Customer Care Goodwill;

  1. VW cars produced up until December 2013 and with a mileage of up to 200,000 km;
  2. Customers must have a full service history at an authorised VW service centre – means you need to service in SC even after your warranty expire.

I would also like to note that the produce date, is not to be confused with manufacturing date, in case you assume that you can look it up by decoding your VIN number like I did earlier this morning; the production date is only accessible (I stand to be corrected) if you have parts catalog software like ETKA, Partslink24 or ELSA.



Anyway, since we are in the VIN topic, this is something I feel most new Volkswagen Owners should know. VIN is acronym for Vehicle Identification Number; some manufacturer calls it chassis number, carries manufacturer details of the car, example part number used, interior trim parts color code and is located on the window, in front of the passenger and for some cars on the label at driver’s side. Before we proceed, I would like to credit the following source for information (if you have time, they are good reading source);


Here I have a sample VIN number, WVWZZZ1KZBW125109 of a local Volkswagen MK6 GTI. The VIN number is divided into 3 sections:

1. Digits 1-3: World Manufacturer Identifier
2. Digits 4-9: Vehicle Descriptor Section
3. Digits 10-17: Vehicle Identifier Section

If you put them based on the 3 sections, this is what it will look it.


What does these all mean? Here’s a simple reference table which i extracted from here


I am not going to go through the entire Vin Number description, you can read them on the reference sources but here’s a bit of what it can tell us:

  1. Most cars in Malaysia with start with WVW except the newer batch of Volkswagen CKD which starts with PPV (i reckon it should be Pekan Plant and V=VW)…. quite no-brainer huh LOL;
  2. WVW refers to as Europe Passenger Cars;
  3. Digit 7 and 8 refers to the model – in the sample Vin 1k = MK6, Scirocco= 13, Mk7=AUvin2
  4. The 10th digit is the manufacturing year and based on the table above, B = 2011. Source : http://www.clubvw.org.au/vwvin
  5. Digit no 11, the plant of manufacturer W = Wolfsburg – which I recall back during MK5 GTI days, there was a thread going on about who has the Wolfsburg unit and who has the Mexican Unit.

I hope this little information helps new Volkswagen owner on the VIN topic, and as usual, topic for discussion will be posted on https://www.facebook.com/groups/VWClubMsia/.



Sunsetting forum vwclubmalaysia.net


This coming 02 June 2016 will be the 5th year that it has served the Volkswagen community in Malaysia but it is time to sun-set the forum. While we have plenty of archived information inside the forum, getting everyone to move from using Facebook to the forum, is like pushing boulders up the hill.

Traffic to the forum has dropped significantly in the recent months and attracted many spam bots, making maintenance somewhat time consuming. More importantly, Social Media today provides a much easier access, more reach and media friendly.

No doubt, information cannot be archived on such platform but no one seems to know how to use the “search” button in forum and as traffic drops, the forum has turned into a white elephant.

Facebook Group is much less maintenance, server is online all the time and you don’t have to worry about spam bots either. It is not easy for me to put to sleep something that I have conceptualized, build and maintained since day 1, not to mention many sleepless nights when the server goes offline and two major heart attacks when we lost the entire forum databases, twice!

With heavy heart, I guess we will have to bid goodbye to the forum on 02 June 2016 – still some time to go actually. All activities and information sharing will still continue at our Facebook group, please click here to go to the group and this URL (volkswagenmalaysia.club) will be for primary announcement / events.

Thank you everyone for the awesome 5 years.