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Wolfsburg plant tour and Autostadt – k3v’s travel logs part 5

Trying to keep things simple and easy. I don’t think anyone wants to read grandmother stories so I will keep it brief and upload more photos instead but its difficult to cramp everything into one post.

Wolfsburg, the home of Volkswagen where you will find Autostadt (Auto City) and a 6.5km2 is the largest production plant is Germany and even the world (if I heard correctly).  The plant is even bigger Monaco (which is around 2.02km2) houses approximately 70,000 employees working on 3 shifts to produce up to 3,800 vehicles daily.

Wolfsburg population is around 120,000 so your neighbour will likely be your colleague – the joke someone made, the other 50,000 are actually the staff’s family members.

The plant produces Tiguan, Touran, SportVan, Golf variant (included Golf R) and each vehicles takes 16 hours to complete. Standing in front of the majestic factory, the landmark of Wolfsburg ,you can’t help but to be in awe, this, since 1938? Insane awesome.

The factory tour is a must! Autostadt on the hand, contains information on all the brands under Volkswagen group, new and old and also activities. To be honest, i would have spend a day chilling here, the ambient here is awesome, tranquility in the midst of all the technological advancement.

You must not miss the Autostadt Tower tour.

Autostadt tower at night

Brings me back to the Mission Impossible scene of Tom Cruise falling from the carrier. I have a live video uploaded in the group and you can check it out here.

At Autostadt, you can also sign up for the safety driving, tiguan, touareg experience, please bear in mind you will need to book everything in advance, its not expensive but you can expect to spend something like 70-80 euros but since you are there, what’s 80 euro right?

We went for the safety experience, had a chance to drive the E-Golf. It feels like a Golf 1.4tsi to be honest, good low end torque but lacking a bit of “soul” to the engine – sorry I am not an electric car guy, but the digital display is welcoming 🙂

We have to thank you Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia for the special privilege that we received during our visit, needless to say our entry passes were taken care off too and we highly appreciates it.

The city itself, I would say there’s nothing much to do in the evening. We drove around in the evening and its quiet which brings us to the conclusion that everyone is either home sleeping or at the factory doing their shifts.

OK, enough of words, here are the pictures (in no particular order)

Worthersee 2018 – k3v’s travel log part 2

First leg of the journey is Munich to Worthersee! Don’t you just love Google? I remember those days that my dad drove to Phuket from Ipoh with my mom relying on a piece of map and half of the time, trying to figure out if you should turn left or right.

Now you can turn on the GPS even to the market – to avoid jam and “other” information that is. Well, it works to our advantage, driving in foreign country made easy.

Don’t ask me who’s that dude. I don’t even recognise him anymore

First of all, before you embark on a trip when you will be driving, please get yourself an international driving license. You do not need to take any examination, all you need is to go to the JPJ with the required documentation and your photograph, pay RM 150 for a year and its done.

For more information, please refer to JPJ website here

Since GPS is going to be the primary assistance while travelling, I would recommend getting a global roaming simcard . Actually this is my first time using this service, I reckon you can obtain a better deal of simcard in destination countries but I couldn’t find any SIM service information on the web for Europe, so its better be safe than sorry.

While I was travelling around in Taiwan, I bought an unlimited data simcard, it was insane value deal. I can’t remember exact but it should be RM60 or RM 70 for 5 days. I used the card for my GPS and spotify all trip long.

It will be useful also bring along car charger and a car phone holder and for this trip, I am bringing my Iphone 6 for navigation and Iphone X for photo / video. You can rent GPS from the car rental company but I prefer to use my Google maps for updated information.

In a summary, these are the items that you should have with you when travelling abroad

  1. international driver license;
  2. Simcard or if you are don’t mind paying for roaming data, can skip this one;
  3. Phone or GPS
  4. Car phone holder and charger

Till next update.


Worthersee 2018 – k3v’s travel log part 1

Its T-3 days and we will be heading to Worthersee, Austria for the biggest and most celebrated Veedub event in Europe, some say the world. Despite the excitement, I can’t help but to feel a little disappointed with drop out of headcounts.

We received high interest for the trip initially which lead us to kick-start the plan but eventually, met a stumbling block when we found out that Nurburgring was not available during our travelling dates because of Nurburgring 24 hours which is a mega annual event at the ring.

So, we moved the travelling dates earlier so we can do a “one-stone kill two birds” Worthersee and Nurburgring together and then PRU14 election announcement came and wreck the entire itinerary – if we leave for Nurburgring on the 4th (we will be at the RING on the 5th, which is the only day available for public so we were told). That means we will not make it back for PRU14 because Worthersee starts 9th of May.

I guess it was the sequence of events that is inevitable and eventually, our only option is to fly on the 9th after we have done our voting and even that, we will only arrive on the 10th. That means we will miss the opening program.

Nevertheless, the show must go on and like they say, better be late than never. However, my prayers will be with Malaysia! and be blessed with the best outcome during this PRU14.

For this trip, I will be travelling this time with only 2 other mates to Worthersee and I am glad we managed to secure an introductory program on the 18th to the ring. Much to learn from this trip and hopefully we can make this an annual event for the club.

For the benefit of those new to Volkswagen, here’s a good video by Format 67 to get a sense of what all this is about and why many people travel across Europe to Worthersee. The passion of GTI comes to life every year at Worthersee!

I am super excited that we are going to spend 10 days in Germnay covering places like Worthersee, Wolfsburg. Autostadt, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart, Nurburgring and finally Frankfurt before we depart for KL.

There are a lot of things going on my mind, especially the driving part which is a total of 2600km distance to complete the entire trip. The thing that bugs me is that 9 hours drive from Worthersee to Wolfsburg which should take a toll – no pun intended and hopefully the autobahn will be nice to us.

If anything, I reckoned that the route should have been Munich – Worthersee – Ingolstadt and then Wolfsburg -> Dortmund and then Nurburgring as opposed to the current route, which we are back tracking to Ingolstadt after Wolfsburg.

Well, like I said, a lot of trial and errors and next year will definitely be a better one – so those of you keen of joining me next year, time to start saving.

Those would like to follow our adventures, watch this space! Follow our instagram @vwclubmalaysia or my personal instagram @k3v_7r and also VWClubMalaysia Facebook Group.

VWClubMalaysia Annual Trip – Road to Wörthersee / Wolfsburg

For Volkswagen fans around the world, the name Wörthersee is no stranger. It is one the biggest Volkswagen gathering in Europe and to many Volkswagen die-hard fans in Europe, its a pilgrimage journey to the “holy” grounds.

Image result for Dark Shine Worthersee

Credit Google Image

Coming May 2018, VWClubMalaysia will be making its way to the largest Volkswagen gathering at Wörthersee for 3 nights, 1000km drive to the Wolfsburg plant for the ultimate Volkswagen experience.

Costing and Itinerary for the trip is as follows:

Public Release Itinerary and Cost V2

If you are interested to join us, please email us at for participation form. We have limited space available and we will do our best to fit everyone in.

However, if you are one of the lucky winners of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia’s WIN A TRIP TO WORTHERSEE GTI FEST 2018, we will see you there!! Interested in participating in the contest? Read on!

For the first time ever, and in conjunction with the upcoming launch of the new Golf family, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is offering fans in Malaysia the chance to win the trip of a lifetime to the annual Wörthersee GTI Festival in Austria.

The contest is divided into two rounds. In Round One, participants are required to answer 10 Golf-related questions in the fastest time, and the top three fastest participant will advance to the Grand Finale. The Grand Finale promises to be a nail-biting experience, as the three finalists will be battling it out in a Live Quiz finale at the Volkswagen Tour happening in 1 Utama Shopping Centre on the 31st of March 2018.

The grand prize? An all-expense paid trip for two to join the thousands of GTI fans around the world in Austria!

So rev up, and take on the ultimate Golf challenge!

Additional details are as below:


  • Participants are required to register and complete their personal details on Volkswagen Malaysia’s website (
  • The contest will run from 20th March till 27th March, at 11:59pm
  • Participants may take part in a practice round to familiarize themselves with the mechanics as many times, before they begin the Quiz.
  • Participants are required to answer a set of 10 multiple choice questions in the fastest amount of time.
  • Each participant may submit multiple entries during the contest period.
  •  Three (3) finalists will be selected to compete in the Grand Finale.

(Live Quiz Round, 1Utama Shopping Centre)

  • Three finalists will compete head-to-head in a live quiz hosted at the Volkswagen Tour in 1Utama Shopping Centre on the 31st March 2018.
  • The Winner will be selected based on the fastest time, the most number of correct answers, subject to the decision by the panel of judges and announced at the event.

See you at Wörthersee!

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 Experience

Originally named as a “review” post but I guess, its a little bit too serious when you say its a review. Experience seems more appropriate, after all, I don’t have any equipment to scientifically quantify my findings.

I have used a few sets of tyres across price range, I personally can’t tell which is better in terms of rating – actually, i think that’s BS coming from someone like me,  rating a set of tyre 1-10 if its not measured scientifically.

Which is why, I have left this post in “draft” since 2017; I couldn’t finish this posting because I find it difficult to rate something that I can’t quantify, so instead, let talk about my 2017 experience with Goodyear Asymmetric 3.

Wet Performance

Long ago, I have had the Goodyear Asymmetric 2 as well and also a big fan of it. I love it because of its wet and dry grip. I think we all can agree that most incidents happen when its wet or when there is insufficient contact to the ground and rarely when its dry.

Prior to having the Asymmetric 3 (A3), I have had cheaper tyres on – I have nothing against cheap tyres but it rains and you are travelling around 110km/h, hydroplaning is not something you want to happen.

I am not saying expensive tyres doesn’t hydroplane but in my experience, it happens less and I believe in what you pay, is what you get. No offense, just my personal opinion.

Anyway, AWD or Quattro, once you start hydroplaning, there is a high chance it wouldn’t end pretty. Fortunately for me, I managed to escaped unscathed previously and since then I have always preferred bigger names in the industry.

I managed to get a set of 235/35/19 Goodyear Asymmetric 3 and after installation,  the boys and I went for a damp night drive. I was impressed, it felt more consistent vs. prior set of tyres in damp conditions which definitely fuels my confidence. Those of you who have heard about the story of a Golf R down karak at high speed that evening in the damp is probably true.

Honestly, if you ask me how this performs vs. similar category of tyres, I can’t give you an answer but I can say this set of tyres, grips well not only damp but also in the wet.

Dry Performance

So about 6000 km ownership, on a very last minute decision , we brought the Golf 7R in as a “taxi” (some say fake taxi) for VWClubMalaysia October 2017 track day – because my GTI wasn’t ready in time and the Golf 7R is already running on A3, it was the perfect choice.

What started as a fun ride, ended up being a time trial with Jay Choong on the wheel. Jay Choong is no stranger to the motorsport scene and often regarded as a fast driver.

He was skeptical that the 300 treadwear A3 is capable of dipping under 2.34s, not with stock brakes, street coilovers, full interior with no camber settings done.


His mission of the day was to taxi participants but clocking 2.36s on his first lap, with a passenger, things escalated quickly and he ditched his taxi riders for a well deserved 2.32s solo hot lap.

For some of you who are not into motorsport, the same Golf 7R has gone through many time trials, which we have managed to clock 2.27s best using an ultra high performance (UHP) 180 treadwear tyres with a track coilovers, big brake kit setup and slight interior lightening.

Comfort and Noise

To be honest, when you run 235/35/19, you wouldn’t expect much comfort from it and its hard to put a notch on the scale for this. I am not going to BS anyone, half of the community knows I have a loud exhaust setup, the blow off valve that sounds like a whale breathing, so what noise?

On the other hand, I do appreciate at times when you put on “jazz” mode on Spotify and it does not have that humming note like those 180 UHP tyres.


I like the A3 for its all rounder performance, in fact, I was going to get another set of tyres for my 18″ setup, but haven’t got to it because I am trying to gear up for my trip to Wolfsburg (next post, I will talk about this).

Tyres usage / feedback can vary by individual but what I feel makes the A3 a good contender in the comfort / performance segment is wet condition performance over 180UHP rivals and the fact is hums less is a bonus to me.

If you have read all the way to here, thank you! Today’s generation of youth wouldn’t have made this far, apparently, a video with anything more than 3 minutes is too long 😛

Take care and drive safe folks. Till the next blog post. We are heading to Worthersee!! Yay!

Edit : The Goodyear Asymmetric 3 is 300, not 200 as I mentioned earlier.

Newbies Guide to Ulu Yam

The name Ulu Yam is no stranger to Klang Valley’s motoring enthusiasts; some calls it the Nurburgring of Malaysia. From the petrol station, Petronas that we normally gather till Genting Skyway is a 42km of one of the best b-road Malaysia has to offer.

The short drive from the city centre and neighboring satellite towns  makes it an even more attractive destination among motoring fans. However, as many of us are often “highway” drivers, so I have decided to pen down a simple guide and also to set some convoy rules.

The thing that I liked about Ulu Yam (actually its Jalan Hulu Yam – Batang kali – Genting) morning drive, is you can go home by 9am and no one will miss you but before I go on, please read this part with care.

  1. Safety is no 1 priority, there are no exceptions to this rule;
  2. I urge all participants to consider wearing appropriate wear such as shoes;
  3. Wearing shoes for driving, ensures that your sandals wouldn’t get in the way when you need to brake;
  4. Make sure your car and brakes are good conditions;
  5. No overtaking within the convoy;
  6. We are not racing, no prizes given for first to arrive;
  7. Any misconduct will be banned from future drives.

A safety briefing will also be done prior to departure so that we can repeat the above. If you have multi-frequency walkie talkies, please bring it.

I normally break the drive into 3 sections, my friends call them stages so we have stage 1 / 2 / 3 but in no reference to difficulty or whatsoever. From the map below, you can see that I have created 3 sections between point A to B and C.

Starting from point A, each red marker denotes the beginning of a section and subsequently Points starting from 1 in each section. Click on them and check out the description. I suggest you enlarge the map for easier overview.

If you are a smartphone map user – some people can’t drive without maps, not a bad thing but in case you are, set your destination to Genting Skyway and guarantee you wouldn’t lose your way unless your smart phone screws up.

Section 1 (all point below are in reference to the map above)

  1. The first part of the drive is a bit tricky because it comprises of a few tight bends and overtaking is limited due to blind corners. Please be patience when overtaking and always overtake one at a time!
  2. In section 1 there are a few long straights which allow you to overtake, please make full use of it;
  3. When you reach the point where you see people collecting “sky water”, you will start descending to a sweeping bend. The roads are wide here but you will descending on higher than normal speed so you need to be careful;
  4. After the bend, you will come to another long straight which will put a smile to any speed junkies but again, I caution you to watch your speed;
  5. Right after the long straight, you will come to long right hook, please see Section 1 Point 5 on map, please be careful;
  6. Hulu Yam town entry, please do not speed in town and please do not show off your exhaust inside the town;
  7. Check Point, please do not miss this turning. Its right after 7-11 on the right. Follow the road and you will come to a traffic light, you will need to turn right.

Note : Might have road blocks near the town and after check point.

Section 2 

  1. After right turn, there’s a long straight coming to a sharp right turn. Watch your speed;
  2. Watch out for double apex;
  3. This small corner looks harmless but the corners are a rather tight, watch your speed. Our car tends to under-steer and at tight corners, you may find yourself crossing to the other side;
  4. If you are caught behind traffic, this is a good place to overtake as there are two long straights back to back;
  5. Right after you cross a small bridge, you will enter into Section 3

Section 3

Congratulations, you have made it this far but the drive is not over.

  1. After you cross the bridge, you will begin to ascend in dual lane. The dual lane is approximately 1km length and if you are caught behind traffic, this is the best time to overtake. Watch out for incoming traffic, they may lose control and crash into you.

After the lane merges, you will have less opportunity to overtake but its ok, you will be reaching the final check point at Genting Skyway. While section 3 looks easy enough, accidents most likely happen around here because drivers going in to corners too fast and lose control.

We will stop under the bridge for a break before deciding which mamak we are heading to.

Again, I urge drivers to mind their speed, we are not racing! Drive safe is more fun than not arriving safe.

I hope the above is sufficient information for those new to the Ulu Yam drive.  Thank you for your cooperation and making our drive safe and I am looking forward to see you.

VWClubMalaysia Koh Samui Drive Finale

They say that all good things must come to an end which I truly agree and friendship off keyboard is better than on. I cannot remember the last time I had this much fun, maybe the trip to Jakarta with the boys – it was clean in case you get the wrong idea. I always enjoy having good laughs with friends, which is rare these days because we are connected digitally and yet so far apart.

I have received some legit (seems to be the word these days) questions as to our travel arrangement. Its hard to put them all online now but I will try to do that much later. From this trip, I can tell you that driving in Thailand is very similar to driving in Malaysia, a lot of friends told me Thailand has a lot of nice roads but I honestly prefer Malaysian roads. We have plenty scenic routes, in my opinion is much better but the thing with driving in Thailand, the so called highway is actually a 2 lane trunk road, well, maybe that’s why they are free.

Pictures from our gathering at Kg Melayu Koh Samui for Haziq’s Birthday

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am glad that we were given the Passat B8 instead of a B7, no offense to the B7 folks but B8 is much more matured. I was already very impressed with the fuel consumption – ok, maybe its just me because my Golf R drinks petrol for breakfast but 8.1L/100km average running on steroid mode is above my expectations. On a more demure mode, I was doing 7.0L/100km which probably is too boring for me, besides, the Perdana Turbo started it first! 😛

The driver’s seat comes equipped with a massaging function, a blessing for 700km drive from Hatyai to home and if you own a Golf MK6R with a sport seats, you probably agree with me! The other thing that surprises me is the handling on the Passat. I am not sure if its just the longer wheel base or because I have never driven a Passat hard, the car handles very well through long sweeping corners, under steers a little but acceptable for FWD.

I was sure that B7 has a lot of body roll, but I didn’t recognize that on  the B8; I recall that even the Audi A4 feels a little uncertain at times but I was impressed with the B8. I am not sure if its the tire profiles – 215/55/17 but it doesn’t make sense, 215? The 2.0 variant is running on 235/40/18 and I was joking about the tire size that resembles guys who skipped leg days on their gym routine.

Here’s a video taken from behind the Passat, if i recall correctly, we were going quite fast uphill and I wanted to test the handling, any faster than this, I think better to try in Sepang 🙂 If you noticed that the Passat barely twitched or maybe I wasn’t going fast enough, after all, we are on a public highway, there is no need to endanger anyone but for me, this is good enough for a family sedan with factory absorbers.

It does not come with DCC and all those fancy electronic stuff like the 2.0T but I prefer it that way, upgrading to coilovers on DCC enabled cars are pain in the butt. More than often, the DCC canceler fails and you can’t turn off your traction control until you fix it and apparently the car loses its power too – normally observed on the Mk7 GTI.

I am generally delighted with the Passat but I think it needs a little more power. The power on D7  mode is a bit soft but I reckoned that its necessary for fuel consumption. I guess you can say there is no best of two worlds but one day, I am sure technology can bridge the gap. After clocking close to 4000km mileage on the car, I am glad to report there is no juddering on the gearbox thus far. Wish I could keep the car a bit longer but I think its best to leave it for everyone to test drive.

You can contact 03-8962 6899, Wing Hin Autohaus for the test drive.


This is definitely a trip to remember and we can’t wait to plan for the next trip. I don’t mind going anytime soon, if I get the Passat B8 2.0t next but I doubt it will happen. Those of you who are interested to join us, get ready to pack your bags because it may happen soon. Till we all meet again, my friends, stay cool!

VWClubMalaysia Koh Samui Day 2 here and there


This is child’s play compared to batu caves

I am a pretty bad tourist – I like travelling but I am too boring to go for attractions, I prefer diving on food and just spending my time doing almost nothing. Anyway, since we have a car with us, we decided to drive around Samui to the Big Buddha. I am not a big fan of temples and cultural stuff, but we had 1 hour to spare before lunch so this is only 18 minutes away.

Once you reached the top of the temple, the view of the sea is fantastic.

The roads in Samui are very tight, bikes are everywhere and although its more comfortable in the car, after this one trip out and we decided going around on bikes are less stress and they only cost 200-250thb a day.

On our first day of arrival, approximately 0800hrs Thailand time (which is 1 hr earlier), we were starving and decide to hunt for food. We have had 7 eleven food the whole day – I am not saying that its not good, in fact, I love Thai food from 7 eleven but the entire day is a bit overwhelming. We (a pack of 5) Googled and found a Thai restaurant with 4.2 rating from our place of stay, Verticolor in Chaweng area, so we decided to go and try it out, come back shower before our massage session.

I am not sure if its our Malaysian taste bud but this restaurant, Motherland Seafood does not deserve a 4.2 rating. We ordered mainly Thai food and I assured you that more than a handful of Thai restaurant in Malaysia tastes better. Leaving in bad taste in our mouth were an understatement – imagine a Green Curry Chicken with too much milk and we are a bunch of hungry people. The pineapple fried rice was ok, Tom Yam Gung was not that great either and go slapped with a bill of 1,645 THB.

Our mission on Day 2 is to find decent Thai food and so right after the Big Buddha, we found a place named Ploy Samui, rated 5 stars on Google and here so we decided to give it a try. On arrival, the place does not look done up, which is good when it comes to local food. We ordered so many dishes, the same pack of 5 ate 8 dishes for lunch; green curry was spot on, tom yam was fantastic, the fish on lemon sauce were great and it only cost us 1900 THB, value!

In fact, it was so good that we went back for dinner after our short visit to Fisherman’s Village Walking Street. Actually its just pasar malam by the beach which we also sat on the beach for a “fire” performance. Top notch ambience and definitely a place to go on Friday evening. More information here.

Here are some pics for the day:





Koh Samui Drive 2017 with Passat B8 Comfortline

I have always wanted to do a cross border drive but its not easy planning for one especially when we have a big convoy. Thankfully, there are members that have done so and is very helpful to get us started. Special thanks to Faizaki, Fakhri Farid, DK, Hisham, Saiful and all those involved in planning for the trip and also thank you to Wing Hin Autohaus for sending in the Passat B8 Comfortline as the support car.

The drive to Koh Samui is estimated around 2000km round trip, which started on 16 Feb 0040hrs from Subang Jaya. I was very excited because this is my first time and we get to go on the all new Passat B8. Honestly, I am not a big fan of the DSG7; lets face it, after hearing so many complaints about the gearbox and to say that I am a fan, is B.S.

If given a choice, I would have gone for the Passat B8 2.0t (highline) than 1.8t (comfortline) because its human instinct to pick the best (or perceived best) but after 1000km on it, I have to admit that the comfortline is pretty decent as well. It doesn’t have the digital cluster like the highline, missing the media pro entertainment which means that it does not have the app connect enabled.

The good news is, the app connect activation key can be purchased from the service centre – sorry but I am a big fan, because it connects seamlessly to my Spotify playlist and you get almost everything from the highline such as electronic boot, massage seat (probably not thai-style), cruise control, driver alert assistant, a much futuristic interior compared to the highline wood-ish panel and a newly improved DSG7 gearbox or so I was told.

I know a lot of people (especially Volkswagen fans) are not impressed with the comfortline because of its DSG7 gearbox but I have heard from a reliable source that Volkswagen made some changes to the gearbox; something to do with clutch and mechatronic (validated).

Technical aside, after spending much mileage on the car, I honestly think that DSG7 on B8 is a little better than the B7. Why? I recall my experiences with the B7 having juddering issues at early stage of the car; I test drive many cars because of my profession and the juddering is something I noticed on most B7, regardless of mileage and not a silo-case.

On the B8, I felt otherwise but I am sure the quest for power is never ending, 260nm as some report but 280tsi badge was supposedly to represent the official torque number. I try to sent the car to a dyno machine once I get back to work but with the EA888.3 (gen3), I am sure it has more potential power output limited by the DQ200 gearbox. If only they made this with a DSG6 / DQ250, I am very sure it will make good numbers on the dyno.

The Comfortline really impresses me on the fuel consumption. We were late to kick off our journey by 1 hour, in fact, based on legal speed limit, we were expected to start at 0000hrs and reach CTC (Changlun rest) by 0530hrs before we cross border. Cut the story short, we traveled above legal speed, had 2 interval rest of 30 and 45 minutes, then arrived at CTC 30 mins earlier despite starting 1 hour late with average Fuel Consumption (FC) on the Multi-Function Display (MFD), pretty impressive.

For comparison purposes, my Golf R on that sort of speed definitely scores above 10.5L/100km. I was very convinced that we will reach Samui on a tank of fuel (about 1000km) but that will be taking risk, moreover, we are the support car and it doesn’t make sense if we breakdown instead.

Since last refill, we have covered close to 400km and more than half tank left. I am sure we can make it to Haatyai and refill again before we leave for home and I am really tempted to take that risk…. Lets see how many KM can the car actually clocks instead of a projected range.

Anyway, that’s all for the update on Day 1 travelling and here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.