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From Wolfsburg to Stuttgart – k3v’s travel logs part 6

Took a break from updating the blog. There are so many photos that I took and it came out a bit under my expectations and I end up doing much of editing and eventually the jet lag got the better of me; running low of sleep was not helping either.

That aside, I found out today about certain individual doing funny things (in short back-stabbing) when you actually wanted to help them.

Imagine, who in marketing mind  would miss out congratulating the first person who bought a 300k car right? Premium priced car, top of the range and no body bats an eye, not even your own medias!

Pffuufffff, buy an AMG better – at least get a “welcome to AMG lounge” or an Audi RS3 would be nice, no welcome but with 400hp I can zoom my way out of these two-face politicking BS. it really dampens the enthusiasts mood but the show goes on I guess.

Here is a summary of the museum visits;

  1. The drive from Wolfsburg to Nurburgring via Ingolstadt / Munich / Stuttgart is 1,105km;
  2. Been one and you been them all – unless of course you love history and reading them makes you want to buy a Golf R than a FK8R;
  3. The name that came out in all 4 museum that we went to is Ferdinand Porsche, no wonder he is awarded the engineer of the century (if I recall correctly) – salute!;
  4. As far experience is concerned, I like the Mercedes museum the best, BMW not a fan, Audi was not as I expected and Porsche was the smallest among them;
  5. All factory tour has to be pre-booked or you get nothing;
  6. We saw James May and Richard Hammond at Porsche Museum restaurant though. not star struck but I took a picture from far while waiting for my Panamera Pasta – YES, its on the menu;
  7. Spotted a GT2RS in flesh at the Porsche Museum, to be honest, that’s something we can relate rather than a Porsche 365 – well, like i said, unless you are into history and classics, it may bore you;
  8. Of all the cities / town, the one that I like the most is Stuttgart, its not too quiet like Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg and less busy than Munich and Frankfurt;
  9. Frankly, too many places on the itinerary, I would rather we spend 2 nights in Nurburgring, I truly enjoy the ambient; in midst of the action and yet everything is so calm. Anyway, that’s the next post.

Enjoy the pictures, I had more but the editing is tiring and work beckons.



Stuttgart / Mercedes Museum

Stuttgart / Porsche Museum

Wolfsburg plant tour and Autostadt – k3v’s travel logs part 5

Trying to keep things simple and easy. I don’t think anyone wants to read grandmother stories so I will keep it brief and upload more photos instead but its difficult to cramp everything into one post.

Wolfsburg, the home of Volkswagen where you will find Autostadt (Auto City) and a 6.5km2 is the largest production plant is Germany and even the world (if I heard correctly).  The plant is even bigger Monaco (which is around 2.02km2) houses approximately 70,000 employees working on 3 shifts to produce up to 3,800 vehicles daily.

Wolfsburg population is around 120,000 so your neighbour will likely be your colleague – the joke someone made, the other 50,000 are actually the staff’s family members.

The plant produces Tiguan, Touran, SportVan, Golf variant (included Golf R) and each vehicles takes 16 hours to complete. Standing in front of the majestic factory, the landmark of Wolfsburg ,you can’t help but to be in awe, this, since 1938? Insane awesome.

The factory tour is a must! Autostadt on the hand, contains information on all the brands under Volkswagen group, new and old and also activities. To be honest, i would have spend a day chilling here, the ambient here is awesome, tranquility in the midst of all the technological advancement.

You must not miss the Autostadt Tower tour.

Autostadt tower at night

Brings me back to the Mission Impossible scene of Tom Cruise falling from the carrier. I have a live video uploaded in the group and you can check it out here.

At Autostadt, you can also sign up for the safety driving, tiguan, touareg experience, please bear in mind you will need to book everything in advance, its not expensive but you can expect to spend something like 70-80 euros but since you are there, what’s 80 euro right?

We went for the safety experience, had a chance to drive the E-Golf. It feels like a Golf 1.4tsi to be honest, good low end torque but lacking a bit of “soul” to the engine – sorry I am not an electric car guy, but the digital display is welcoming 🙂

We have to thank you Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia for the special privilege that we received during our visit, needless to say our entry passes were taken care off too and we highly appreciates it.

The city itself, I would say there’s nothing much to do in the evening. We drove around in the evening and its quiet which brings us to the conclusion that everyone is either home sleeping or at the factory doing their shifts.

OK, enough of words, here are the pictures (in no particular order)

Germany / Austria 2018 budget – k3v’s travel logs part 4

We earlier did announced that the trip will cost RM 15,000.00 without flights in the prior announcement of the trip which I acknowledged that may have scared many away. 🙂

Frankly, it was a ballpark figure that we estimated based on a few assumptions;

  1. Nurburgring is a mandatory package for everyone;
  2. Travelling by plane to Wolfsburg and etc vs driving;
  3. Staying at Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg which cost around 500-800 per pax per night;
  4. Meals and packages.

Anyway its done and dusted now but since some of you asked me how much we paid for everything, here is breakdown of cost;

Please note

  1. Costing fluctuates based on exchange rate;
  2. Round up to nearest figures;
  3. Cash expenditure is subjective, depending what you eat/drink;
  4. Hotels are 2-3 stars and no luxury;
  5. Nurburgring package is also subjective to change according to the car selection;
  6. There are other cost like “vignette” which is Austrian toll stickers are not here but its only 10 euros, I lazy to print screen again 😛
  7. Parking cost also not included;
  8. VIP passes to events and etc not included but thanks VPCM for getting us the passes;
  9. Museum passes also not included but they are only 10 euro or less.

Next up, more pictures on Autostadt / Ingolstadt / Munich (blahh… probably skip this one) / Stuttgart and Nurburging plus some post-mortem thoughts on the trip.

Worthersee 2018 finally! – k3v’s travel log part 3

Having planned this trip for more than 6 months, flew more than 10,000km, drove 4 hours from Munich and we are finally here!! Exhausted from the flight but the atmosphere here is uplifting. Volkswagen fans all around Europe and some say the world (that includes us) are in this small little space of Reifnitz; so much passion, I regret immediately that we are to leave on the 12th whereas the finale of the event is on the 13th.

You can see everything from Polo / Golf / Passat / Beetle / Jetta / Kombi / Karmann Ghia / Audis / Porsches, you name it! Its all here.

30 Euros is what you need to drive into Reifnitz

I don’t want to go too much into texts, I took many pictures so I am going to just post them here for your viewing pleasure. Will go back to the “experience” later on with a post trip summary- still fighting the jet lag and upset cause my luggage is missing.

The Polo GTI R5

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The Golf GTI TCR concept


Random Walkabout