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VPCM Workshop Test Campaign

Greetings members and fellow Volkswagen Owners,

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is currently running a workshop test and this is available to twenty nine (29) Volkswagen Owners who meet the stipulated criteria.

This workshop test provides a FREE service to twenty nine (29)  qualified owners but will not cover any wear and tear parts replacement.

Please find attached the form for your reference and more information.

Voluntary service program WST 2017

To download the form, press the download button. Please ensure your pop-up blocker is turned off.

Alternatively, you can view it from here

This is a nationwide initiative applicable to Volkswagen owners in other states as well – Penang, Ipoh, Alor Setar, Kuantan, Melaka, Kuching etc.

Important : These are the criteria to qualify for this workshop test :-
· Your car is not older than 7 years
· The mileage is below 210,000km
· No modification (ie: rims, exhaust system, engine)
· Full service at authorized service dealers
· Car must be in generally good condition
· Must be due for service in the next few months

Please download and print the form above, complete and sign it then send to email address :

Your application will be reviewed and selected accordingly and VPCM will be in touch with you to plan and get more details.

How to read your Volkswagen VIN Number



In the past few days, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) a.k.a. Volkswagen Malaysia have announced a goodwill of additional two-year warranty on DSG, you can refer to the presentation deck here and also media coverage from Paultan.Org.

In summary, there are two conditions that MUST be met for this VPCM Customer Care Goodwill;

  1. VW cars produced up until December 2013 and with a mileage of up to 200,000 km;
  2. Customers must have a full service history at an authorised VW service centre – means you need to service in SC even after your warranty expire.

I would also like to note that the produce date, is not to be confused with manufacturing date, in case you assume that you can look it up by decoding your VIN number like I did earlier this morning; the production date is only accessible (I stand to be corrected) if you have parts catalog software like ETKA, Partslink24 or ELSA.



Anyway, since we are in the VIN topic, this is something I feel most new Volkswagen Owners should know. VIN is acronym for Vehicle Identification Number; some manufacturer calls it chassis number, carries manufacturer details of the car, example part number used, interior trim parts color code and is located on the window, in front of the passenger and for some cars on the label at driver’s side. Before we proceed, I would like to credit the following source for information (if you have time, they are good reading source);

Here I have a sample VIN number, WVWZZZ1KZBW125109 of a local Volkswagen MK6 GTI. The VIN number is divided into 3 sections:

1. Digits 1-3: World Manufacturer Identifier
2. Digits 4-9: Vehicle Descriptor Section
3. Digits 10-17: Vehicle Identifier Section

If you put them based on the 3 sections, this is what it will look it.


What does these all mean? Here’s a simple reference table which i extracted from here


I am not going to go through the entire Vin Number description, you can read them on the reference sources but here’s a bit of what it can tell us:

  1. Most cars in Malaysia with start with WVW except the newer batch of Volkswagen CKD which starts with PPV (i reckon it should be Pekan Plant and V=VW)…. quite no-brainer huh LOL;
  2. WVW refers to as Europe Passenger Cars;
  3. Digit 7 and 8 refers to the model – in the sample Vin 1k = MK6, Scirocco= 13, Mk7=AUvin2
  4. The 10th digit is the manufacturing year and based on the table above, B = 2011. Source :
  5. Digit no 11, the plant of manufacturer W = Wolfsburg – which I recall back during MK5 GTI days, there was a thread going on about who has the Wolfsburg unit and who has the Mexican Unit.

I hope this little information helps new Volkswagen owner on the VIN topic, and as usual, topic for discussion will be posted on