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VWClubMalaysia Annual Trip – Road to Wörthersee / Wolfsburg

For Volkswagen fans around the world, the name Wörthersee is no stranger. It is one the biggest Volkswagen gathering in Europe and to many Volkswagen die-hard fans in Europe, its a pilgrimage journey to the “holy” grounds.

Image result for Dark Shine Worthersee

Credit Google Image

Coming May 2018, VWClubMalaysia will be making its way to the largest Volkswagen gathering at Wörthersee for 3 nights, 1000km drive to the Wolfsburg plant for the ultimate Volkswagen experience.

Costing and Itinerary for the trip is as follows:

Public Release Itinerary and Cost V2

If you are interested to join us, please email us at for participation form. We have limited space available and we will do our best to fit everyone in.

However, if you are one of the lucky winners of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia’s WIN A TRIP TO WORTHERSEE GTI FEST 2018, we will see you there!! Interested in participating in the contest? Read on!

For the first time ever, and in conjunction with the upcoming launch of the new Golf family, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is offering fans in Malaysia the chance to win the trip of a lifetime to the annual Wörthersee GTI Festival in Austria.

The contest is divided into two rounds. In Round One, participants are required to answer 10 Golf-related questions in the fastest time, and the top three fastest participant will advance to the Grand Finale. The Grand Finale promises to be a nail-biting experience, as the three finalists will be battling it out in a Live Quiz finale at the Volkswagen Tour happening in 1 Utama Shopping Centre on the 31st of March 2018.

The grand prize? An all-expense paid trip for two to join the thousands of GTI fans around the world in Austria!

So rev up, and take on the ultimate Golf challenge!

Additional details are as below:


  • Participants are required to register and complete their personal details on Volkswagen Malaysia’s website (
  • The contest will run from 20th March till 27th March, at 11:59pm
  • Participants may take part in a practice round to familiarize themselves with the mechanics as many times, before they begin the Quiz.
  • Participants are required to answer a set of 10 multiple choice questions in the fastest amount of time.
  • Each participant may submit multiple entries during the contest period.
  •  Three (3) finalists will be selected to compete in the Grand Finale.

(Live Quiz Round, 1Utama Shopping Centre)

  • Three finalists will compete head-to-head in a live quiz hosted at the Volkswagen Tour in 1Utama Shopping Centre on the 31st March 2018.
  • The Winner will be selected based on the fastest time, the most number of correct answers, subject to the decision by the panel of judges and announced at the event.

See you at Wörthersee!

Volkswagen Automotive Academy Glenmarie

Volkswagen Automotive Academy was officially launched in Malaysia in the 18 August 2017. Located at the busy automotive hub of Glenmarie, Shah Alam, this facility is fully equipped with Volkswagen AG-certified equipment to conduct training for sales and aftersales.

Visiting the academy was not on our calendar for 2017 and hats off to the Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) organizing team to pack-in so much information in such a short session.

Basically, DSG7 gearboxes myth and facts were very informative, the pistons failure issues on CAVE/CAVD were covered in detail and how pre-detonation and knocking causes piston failure, how EKG was conducted, how the VAG-certified equipment works and etc.

A very fun Friday afternoon for 40 Volkswagen owners and we hope everyone enjoyed the tour.

Thank you once again to VPCM for hosting us and thank you to those who joined us today.

We are not allowed to take photograph during the technology session but we did manage to take some photographs;

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia launches the New Beetle, Vento ALLSTAR and Vento GT

Dear friends of Volkswagen,

We are pleased to announce that the Vento ALLSTAR, Vento GT and the new Beetle were successfully launched yesterday at the Mid Valley Megamall shopping centre (North Court). Please find below the details of the newest members of the Volkswagen family for your reference.

The New Beetle
The new Beetle is priced from RM136,888 and is available in a variety of colours that will delight owners – Pure White, Tornado Red, Blue Silk, Dark Bronze, Habanero Orange and White Silver. Updates in the new Beetle include a 2-zone Climatronic air-conditioning system, composition media with touch screen display with App-Connect, leather trim “Vienna” seats with front seat lumbar support, bi-xenon headlamps and LED daytime running lights.


The Vento ALLSTAR is the second ALLSTAR edition introduced by VPCM, with the first being the Polo ALLSTAR which was introduced recently. Priced from RM78,888 it is available in Reflex Silver and Candy White. The Vento ALLSTAR comes with RM7,000 worth of exclusive accessories such as leather seats, aluminium sports pedals, rear spoiler, black door strips and trunk garnish, ‘ALLSTAR’ scuff plates, emblems and carpet mats.

Vento GT
The Vento GT is priced from RM89,888 and comes with a total of RM9,000 worth of exclusive accessories such as a “Satin” black roof and exterior mirror wraps, black door strips, leather seats, aluminium sports pedals, GT Aerokit, ‘GT’ scuff plates, emblems and carpet mats. Two colour options are available – Reflex Silver and Candy White.

Additionally, you are all invited to visit our Volkswagen Sales Tour happening at the same launch venue (North Court, Mid Valley Megamall) from today till this Sunday, 28 May 2017 (10am-10pm). Come and drop by for a visit, and be sure to tell your friends!

Raya Promo
We are also pleased to announce that our Raya promotion has kicked off with today’s launch. Customers will enjoy a 5-year free maintenance package for the entire Vento and Passat family, and this offer is valid till the 31st of July 2017. Additionally, those register a Volkswagen model from now till 30th of June will receive a petrol voucher worth RM500.

VPCM Workshop Test Campaign

Greetings members and fellow Volkswagen Owners,

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is currently running a workshop test and this is available to twenty nine (29) Volkswagen Owners who meet the stipulated criteria.

This workshop test provides a FREE service to twenty nine (29)  qualified owners but will not cover any wear and tear parts replacement.

Please find attached the form for your reference and more information.

Voluntary service program WST 2017

To download the form, press the download button. Please ensure your pop-up blocker is turned off.

Alternatively, you can view it from here

This is a nationwide initiative applicable to Volkswagen owners in other states as well – Penang, Ipoh, Alor Setar, Kuantan, Melaka, Kuching etc.

Important : These are the criteria to qualify for this workshop test :-
· Your car is not older than 7 years
· The mileage is below 210,000km
· No modification (ie: rims, exhaust system, engine)
· Full service at authorized service dealers
· Car must be in generally good condition
· Must be due for service in the next few months

Please download and print the form above, complete and sign it then send to email address :

Your application will be reviewed and selected accordingly and VPCM will be in touch with you to plan and get more details.

The New Golf R Video

Someone shared a video on the new MK7R, thought I shared it as well.

Edit : Not sure why certain part were missing, after I posted. Basically, from the video, spotted a few things

  • New headlights, I am indifferent about this, I still like the old one better;
  • I like the air cents, maybe I will upgrade to this bumper;
  • I like the clubsport spoiler better but this is good as well;
  • The 17″ Performance Brake, looks like they have a bigger disc option;
  • Digital Cluster / Media Pro seems like hygiene factor lately;
  • Titanium Exhaust! Wow, I like this one!
  • Adjustable shocks/steering, not sure what this means, maybe air suspension? LOL at least that’s what I got from the video;
  • Sport Seats are back! Hopefully not those on the Mk6R, I really hate those seats….
  • I like the new Rear Lights, I hope can retrofit onto the exist Golf R.

Can’t wait for its launching here.


We Want Your Car Campaign by Volkswagen Malaysia

I am just trying to kill some boredom here while recuperating from a slip disc, not a very decent experience but I guess life is such that when it rains lemon, you make lemonade out of it so here I am, on my bed with a laptop that weighs a ton – because my Surface Pro 4 just died on me as well, looking for things to buy and some free movie online but the thing that kept me thinking is the little Direct Mailer (DM) from Volkswagen Malaysia.

Image taken from VWClubMalaysia Facebook Group by Kah Hoe Ng

In my past life as a product portfolio manager, I can understand why I am not in their database mailing list because selection program marketing always target database that are likely to succeed i.e. take up rate per campaign, otherwise why kill trees and spend money on none target audiences and sadly, I am not their target audience because I drive a Golf R. Come on, should at least give me hope that someone wants my Golf R ?

Yes, Volkswagen cars have gone through severe depreciation value in the past few years, no thanks to the infamous DSG7 protest at Volkswagen HQ, followed by social media outbreak by certain camp of people (some not even owners, probably other car salesmen as well) but that’s how social media is, someone starts a “I have heard” and everyone just jumps on it and next thing you know, perceive value goes south. You know, I used to have MK5 GTI that I bought for 180k (pre-reg units) and I sold it for 150k after 3 years of ownership. Those days, we were proud Volkswagen owners, I still am but …..

That’s a bit history as far as I can recall. I believe the birth of this DM campaign aims to help diving prices by offering owners additional trade-in value when they purchase the new Jetta / Passat B8; sounds like an anti attrition cum sales campaign. Good news for owners who purchased their Volkswagen 5/6 Years ago and looking to purchase a newer generation Volkswagen.

However, I still hear some disgruntled remarks going on in the VWClubMalaysia Facebook Group i.e. trade in prices not attractive 50k only for mk6 Golf and this triggered some thoughts, what value are the owners expecting for a 6 years old Volkswagen? What is the expected depreciation value per annum? Are there misconception about the prices, can we make mathematical sense of this?

Since I am quite free, so I decided to do a bit finding and I would like to share them but first, I would like to put some disclaime before I get shot badly;

  • Prices are based on online car market value guide available at;
  • There are too many variants, so I randomly picked lowest variant for comparison without much in-depth understanding what they are so I stand to be corrected, but please have mercy on a temporary disabled guy;
  • My opinion are my sole opinion, not representing anyone/anything;
  • If I made any typo; I had to reconstruct the entire table, please inform me, I will rectify it;

Here we go!

 ManufacturerModelVehicle DescriptionOriginal Price (RM)Market ValueDepreciation (%)
FordMondeo2011 FORD MONDEO 4D SEDAN 2261174,10251,60070.36
Peugeot3082011 PEUGEOT 308 THP 4D HATCHBACK 1598113,88833,80070.32
VolvoS402011 VOLVO S40 4D SEDAN 1999169,09056,60066.53
VolkswagenPassat B72011 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT TSI 4D SEDAN 1798184,88862,30066.30
BMWE90 3202011 BMW 3 20i EXECUTIVE (CKD) 4D SEDAN 1995241,07285,40064.57
VolkswagenJetta2011 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA TSI 4D SEDAN 1390149,88854,10063.91
VolvoS602011 VOLVO S60 T5 4D SEDAN 1999288,000105,10063.51
Peugeot5082011 PEUGEOT 508 THP 4D SEDAN 1598164,67363,30061.56
MercedesC2002011 MERCEDES-BENZ C 200 CGI BlueEFCY ELEGANCE(CKD) 4D SEDAN 1796255,88899,00061.31
Alfa1592011 ALFA ROMEO 159 JTS SELESPEED 4D SEDAN 2198195,88876,20061.11
BMW1182011 BMW 1 18i EXECUTIVE (CBU) 4D HATCHBACK 1995204,07280,30060.65
AudiA42011 AUDI A4 TFSI STANDARD 4D SEDAN 1798234,07192,50060.48
VolkswagenGolf 62011 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF TSI 4D HATCHBACK 1390148,88859,70059.90
VolkswagenGolf MK6 GTI2011 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTi 4D HATCHBACK 1984209,88884,20059.88
BMWF102011 BMW 5 23i (CKD) 4D SEDAN 2497383,072157,10058.99
MercedesE2002011 MERCEDES-BENZ E 200 CGI BlueEFCY ELEGANCE(CKD) 4D SEDAN 1796366,060154,40057.82
VolkswagenScirocco2011 VOLKSWAGEN SCIROCCO TSI 2D COUPE 1390188,88879,80057.75
RenaultMegane Rs2011 RENAULT MEGANE SPORT 250 CUP 2D HATCHBACK1998228,761111,00051.48

Some thoughts from this little exercise;

  • Depreciation for most European make cars more than 5 years average between 50-60%;
  • Most cars depreciate higher in the beginning of the years and subsequently stays flat, as opposed to continue depreciating, example IIRC BMW E36 3-series now, although being more than 10 years of age, holds price around 15-20k depending condition;
  • If theory of most cars depreciate higher in the first 2 year of ownership, would it be logical to say that the longer you own the car, prices will rationalize? For example, at year 2, depreciation at 40%, at year 6, depreciation at 60%, so eventually on a 6 year basis, the car depreciates at 60% does not sound too bad. I am just playing with the idea, need more in depth data to support this;
  • The thought that your car is going to be worthless is not necessary true, even my mom’s proton saga worth 1k still after 20 years ?

And my curious mind continues with another question, will the 6 year old Golf Owner benefits from the current trade in program? Let’s say that I have a 2011 Golf Mk6 TSI, now market rate at RM 59,700.00. Assuming I took a 7 years loan, and I decided to sell my car, how much do I have to pay to the finance/redemption/settlement.

Golf MK6 TSI Projected Loan Schedule


I used to do this daily, excel was my best friend but today, it took me a while to figure out everything. Anyway, based on my calculation, on year 6, if I settle my hire purchase loan, i would still have RM21,758.23 outstanding. The market rate of the Mk6 Golf from carbase is 59,700.00 but I believe a likely value that you will get is 40,000.00 if you trade in. That’s not too bad considering you get back your original down payment of 14,888.80, with some surplus to buy another car.

However, if you decide to trade in and buy a Volkswagen Jetta, (a little birdie tells me that) you will received a 10,000.00 + bonus for your trade in which makes it to 50,000.00 or more. Take the balance, put on down payment for a new Jetta, pays less installment at 1,515.00 vs prior of 1,853.00 and goes home with a new car. Good deal? I am not sure, no one wants my Golf R apparently.?

New Jetta Highline projected Loan Schedule

Reality is, price of car will not appreciate (unless you own a classic) unlike property, the longer you hold on the car, the worse it gets. It’s not like you are going to wake up tomorrow, and hey! Look, my car is worth double its value! Never going to happen. I am not sure if my little analysis and reasoning helps you, but it’s worth a discussion, at least.

This excel sheet will be made available in the Facebook Group, as usual, open for ideas and matured discussion.

p.s. Anyone wants a champion-built Golf R?

The New Tiguan 1.4tsi Launching Soon

Picture taken from Volkswagen Malaysia Facebook

I guess I am going to miss the Volkswagen Sales Tour / Tiguan preview since I sprained my lower back couple of days back and I can only download images from internet which I normally don’t but I have some thoughts that I want to share from my sofa.

In wake of its launch, I have seen some discussion going around in VWClubMalaysia Facebook Group about the new Tiguan engine and its gearbox which will be fitted with a new 1.4Tsi engine (EA211) and a DQ250 also commonly known as DSG6.

Since 1.4tsi Golf Mk6 days, there are a lot of misconception when it comes to the term “DSG” gearbox, which generalizes all DSG gearboxes. For those new to Volkswagen world, DSG gearboxes are like cars, and they come in a few variants. Like cars also, they are divided by their ability to handle torque. As such, the general perception to say that all DSG gearboxes are problematic, it’s not entirely right.

Most issues were related to the DQ200 (commonly known as DSG7) gearbox, which are fitted on 1.2tsi, 1.4tsi and 1.8tsi variant in Malaysia, namely Polo, Jetta, Passat and Golf whereas the GTI, 2.0 variant and R line ups are fitted with DQ 250 but often, they are generalized and because of this, second hand value on the DQ250 cars are affected as well.

The difference between DSG6 and DSG7 is something I wanted to clarify many times, in fact i did over Facebook and yet the number of times someone ask “is it ok to buy a GTI / Scirocco 2.0 / Golf R” is astounding and clearly shows the misconception. I have owned four Volkswagen with DQ250 and all been through pretty harsh motorsport activities like track days, competitive racing, competitive drag and even gymkhana and yet no one comes to me and say “hey, the DSG is quite amazing right?” instead of “You drive Volkswagen ah? Gearbox no problem ah?”  Maybe I am just lucky or maybe I do take care of my car well, it’s not true that all DSG cars are problematic.

Anyway, here’s an abstract of DSG boxes extracted from Wikipedia and how they are different from each other;

Name Ratios Max. torque (N·m) Clutch type
DQ200 7 250 Dry
DQ250 6 400 Wet
DQ380 7 380 Wet
DQ500 7 600 Wet
DQ511 10 550 Wet
DL501 7 600 Wet

Looks like the DQ200 is the only odd one out with it being “dry” clutch whereas the rest are wet. In my previous posting (click here to read), the experience on improved DSG7 on the Passat B8 is obvious but many still believes that DSG7 is problematic and they associate 1.4tsi engines with DSG7, which is not to blame because in Malaysia, most 1.4tsi are fitted with DSG7 but now the new Tiguan 1.4tsi comes with DSG6 may puzzle those who are not familiar with Volkswagen.

And the million dollar question pops-up and you see it everyday in the group…

If you have read from the top, the answer to the question above is pretty obvious but let’s be more obvious (in case), the new tiguan 1.4 with DSG6 will unlikely to have inherent dsg and mechatronic issues because its not running on DSG7 (duh). Ok, so what about engine pistons cracking then?

I think it wouldn’t surprise you if I tell you that even the 1.4tsi comes in many variants – CAVD/CAVE. The EA111 engines (reference : Wikipedia) which is also commonly known as the twin-charged engines, has already been phased out. The new Tiguan comes with a new MQB engine EA211 also on the new jetta and golf 7 1.4tsi.

1.4 Twincharged Engine Source :

To date, I have not heard any engine breakdown related to piston issues for EA211 – perhaps isolated cases or not many units on the road vs sales number of EA111. Back in 2012/13, i recall Volkswagen clocking 13,000 unit sales vs. 2016 maybe 6000 units – I stand to be corrected.

Having said that, EA211 was meant to replace the popular twin charge among enthusiasts despite issues  – I say popular because many believe this engine can beat a GTI and in fact, our neighbours from Singapore have many heavily modded EA111 engine ready to kick a GTI’s butt. I hear that the twin charge with an uprated turbo/engine internals goes as high as 220 horsepower! Yes, on a 1.4cc engine! Sorry I digressed, not supposed to talk about modification, the last time this club has a tuner logo in our video, hell broke loose.

Here’s a look at the EA211 (thank you mr Google)

EA211 MQB engine layout Source :

Now coming back to the consumer part, is the new Tiguan 1.4 worth its money? Highline variant estimated at RM169,000 plus RM7,000 early bird discount, fitted with a digital cluster, full Media Pro entertainment (i am guessing, I have not seen/touch the actual car… I swear!), the small 1395 capacity engine means cheaper road tax and it’s good looks (ahem, after you change the oem wheels), I am sure it’s an ideal family car.

One thing that is bugging me though is the fuel consumption on this 1.4 engine with a SUV chassis. The new Tiguan comes with a power rating of 150ps and 250nm, similar to a Jetta and supposedly 1,485kg kerb weight which is quite similar to a Golf R but on brochure, it’s a combined fuel consumption of 6.7L/100km?!?! (edit : the numbers stated from a source seems to differ from my online search, since there is a discrepancy, best wait for the official brochure. I honestly think 6.7/100km for  a car of its size, is pretty good)

The typical Malaysian reply would be “sure or not” and will be interesting to see data from media drives, looking forward to launch day and check out the actual car, hopefully I will be back on my feet then.

How to read your Volkswagen VIN Number



In the past few days, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) a.k.a. Volkswagen Malaysia have announced a goodwill of additional two-year warranty on DSG, you can refer to the presentation deck here and also media coverage from Paultan.Org.

In summary, there are two conditions that MUST be met for this VPCM Customer Care Goodwill;

  1. VW cars produced up until December 2013 and with a mileage of up to 200,000 km;
  2. Customers must have a full service history at an authorised VW service centre – means you need to service in SC even after your warranty expire.

I would also like to note that the produce date, is not to be confused with manufacturing date, in case you assume that you can look it up by decoding your VIN number like I did earlier this morning; the production date is only accessible (I stand to be corrected) if you have parts catalog software like ETKA, Partslink24 or ELSA.



Anyway, since we are in the VIN topic, this is something I feel most new Volkswagen Owners should know. VIN is acronym for Vehicle Identification Number; some manufacturer calls it chassis number, carries manufacturer details of the car, example part number used, interior trim parts color code and is located on the window, in front of the passenger and for some cars on the label at driver’s side. Before we proceed, I would like to credit the following source for information (if you have time, they are good reading source);

Here I have a sample VIN number, WVWZZZ1KZBW125109 of a local Volkswagen MK6 GTI. The VIN number is divided into 3 sections:

1. Digits 1-3: World Manufacturer Identifier
2. Digits 4-9: Vehicle Descriptor Section
3. Digits 10-17: Vehicle Identifier Section

If you put them based on the 3 sections, this is what it will look it.


What does these all mean? Here’s a simple reference table which i extracted from here


I am not going to go through the entire Vin Number description, you can read them on the reference sources but here’s a bit of what it can tell us:

  1. Most cars in Malaysia with start with WVW except the newer batch of Volkswagen CKD which starts with PPV (i reckon it should be Pekan Plant and V=VW)…. quite no-brainer huh LOL;
  2. WVW refers to as Europe Passenger Cars;
  3. Digit 7 and 8 refers to the model – in the sample Vin 1k = MK6, Scirocco= 13, Mk7=AUvin2
  4. The 10th digit is the manufacturing year and based on the table above, B = 2011. Source :
  5. Digit no 11, the plant of manufacturer W = Wolfsburg – which I recall back during MK5 GTI days, there was a thread going on about who has the Wolfsburg unit and who has the Mexican Unit.

I hope this little information helps new Volkswagen owner on the VIN topic, and as usual, topic for discussion will be posted on