Worthersee 2018 finally! – k3v’s travel log part 3

Having planned this trip for more than 6 months, flew more than 10,000km, drove 4 hours from Munich and we are finally here!! Exhausted from the flight but the atmosphere here is uplifting. Volkswagen fans all around Europe and some say the world (that includes us) are in this small little space of Reifnitz; so much passion, I regret immediately that we are to leave on the 12th whereas the finale of the event is on the 13th.

You can see everything from Polo / Golf / Passat / Beetle / Jetta / Kombi / Karmann Ghia / Audis / Porsches, you name it! Its all here.

30 Euros is what you need to drive into Reifnitz

I don’t want to go too much into texts, I took many pictures so I am going to just post them here for your viewing pleasure. Will go back to the “experience” later on with a post trip summary- still fighting the jet lag and upset cause my luggage is missing.

The Polo GTI R5

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The Golf GTI TCR concept


Random Walkabout