VWClubMalaysia Welcome 2017

Happy New Year to all VWCM members in advance.

As most of you would have known, I have been the “chief” for the way too long. In fact, I  have already exhausted means to bring the club to the next level and it’s time for a new Chief. Besides, I am getting old and I don’t want to be at 50 and still handling car club stuff.

Before that, just a bit of history – some of you may not be aware, we are not an official club status because we are not registered under ROS but we think it is necessary so that VWClubMalaysia will survive over the founding members and its current committee.

Daryl Yap, will succeed me as the new Chief of VWClubMalaysia. I have worked with him in past months and despite his young age, his wisdom and maturity when it comes to handling conflict and events, has exceeded my expectations. I believe he has the ability to plan, influence a change and execute the plan. When I handed him our instagram account and he made things happened;  the account followers grew from 200 to 4400 in a short span of 20 weeks. Basically, when i started it, it was left to die…. 

More importantly, I can see passion in Daryl to bring the club to the next level, to make us proud wearing the VWClubMalaysia emblem on our apparels, to tell our friends that we spent our weekends as true car enthusiasts and leave our footprints in Volkswagen community around the world. 

I would like to thank you all those who have helped me and also the team that built VWClubMalaysia as one of Malaysia’s largest Volkswagen community today and I would like to seek your continuous support to the club and its new committee. If I have offended anyone during my tenure as the chieftain, which I know I did and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere apologies, no hard feelings.

Last but not least, on behalf of the team – since I am doing this grandmother exit story, here’s what the new committee has carved out for 2017 and we hope you all will enjoy this.

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