Newbies Guide to Ulu Yam

The name Ulu Yam is no stranger to Klang Valley’s motoring enthusiasts; some calls it the Nurburgring of Malaysia. From the petrol station, Petronas that we normally gather till Genting Skyway is a 42km of one of the best b-road Malaysia has to offer.

The short drive from the city centre and neighboring satellite towns  makes it an even more attractive destination among motoring fans. However, as many of us are often “highway” drivers, so I have decided to pen down a simple guide and also to set some convoy rules.

The thing that I liked about Ulu Yam (actually its Jalan Hulu Yam – Batang kali – Genting) morning drive, is you can go home by 9am and no one will miss you but before I go on, please read this part with care.

  1. Safety is no 1 priority, there are no exceptions to this rule;
  2. I urge all participants to consider wearing appropriate wear such as shoes;
  3. Wearing shoes for driving, ensures that your sandals wouldn’t get in the way when you need to brake;
  4. Make sure your car and brakes are good conditions;
  5. No overtaking within the convoy;
  6. We are not racing, no prizes given for first to arrive;
  7. Any misconduct will be banned from future drives.

A safety briefing will also be done prior to departure so that we can repeat the above. If you have multi-frequency walkie talkies, please bring it.

I normally break the drive into 3 sections, my friends call them stages so we have stage 1 / 2 / 3 but in no reference to difficulty or whatsoever. From the map below, you can see that I have created 3 sections between point A to B and C.

Starting from point A, each red marker denotes the beginning of a section and subsequently Points starting from 1 in each section. Click on them and check out the description. I suggest you enlarge the map for easier overview.

If you are a smartphone map user – some people can’t drive without maps, not a bad thing but in case you are, set your destination to Genting Skyway and guarantee you wouldn’t lose your way unless your smart phone screws up.

Section 1 (all point below are in reference to the map above)

  1. The first part of the drive is a bit tricky because it comprises of a few tight bends and overtaking is limited due to blind corners. Please be patience when overtaking and always overtake one at a time!
  2. In section 1 there are a few long straights which allow you to overtake, please make full use of it;
  3. When you reach the point where you see people collecting “sky water”, you will start descending to a sweeping bend. The roads are wide here but you will descending on higher than normal speed so you need to be careful;
  4. After the bend, you will come to another long straight which will put a smile to any speed junkies but again, I caution you to watch your speed;
  5. Right after the long straight, you will come to long right hook, please see Section 1 Point 5 on map, please be careful;
  6. Hulu Yam town entry, please do not speed in town and please do not show off your exhaust inside the town;
  7. Check Point, please do not miss this turning. Its right after 7-11 on the right. Follow the road and you will come to a traffic light, you will need to turn right.

Note : Might have road blocks near the town and after check point.

Section 2 

  1. After right turn, there’s a long straight coming to a sharp right turn. Watch your speed;
  2. Watch out for double apex;
  3. This small corner looks harmless but the corners are a rather tight, watch your speed. Our car tends to under-steer and at tight corners, you may find yourself crossing to the other side;
  4. If you are caught behind traffic, this is a good place to overtake as there are two long straights back to back;
  5. Right after you cross a small bridge, you will enter into Section 3

Section 3

Congratulations, you have made it this far but the drive is not over.

  1. After you cross the bridge, you will begin to ascend in dual lane. The dual lane is approximately 1km length and if you are caught behind traffic, this is the best time to overtake. Watch out for incoming traffic, they may lose control and crash into you.

After the lane merges, you will have less opportunity to overtake but its ok, you will be reaching the final check point at Genting Skyway. While section 3 looks easy enough, accidents most likely happen around here because drivers going in to corners too fast and lose control.

We will stop under the bridge for a break before deciding which mamak we are heading to.

Again, I urge drivers to mind their speed, we are not racing! Drive safe is more fun than not arriving safe.

I hope the above is sufficient information for those new to the Ulu Yam drive.  Thank you for your cooperation and making our drive safe and I am looking forward to see you.