Volkswagen Golf MK7.5R Sunday Morning Drive

The only reason that I have not put a down-payment on the new 7.5R is because I couldn’t afford another one which looks quite similar; I posted a picture of me washing the car and I guess no one realized, its a different car, other than it having an additional door.

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I don’t blame them, its like asking me what’s the difference between a pair of NMD and Yeezy, which until today, I have no idea.

Having said that, I must say, the new styling on the MK7R is growing on me Рespecially with a new set of wheels Рwell, its not new but I swapped it from the Golf 5 R32 for the heck of it and look at that!! 

If you spot someone in the car, don’t worry – that’s my “human” lowering spring

I am sure you have read about the spec of the car from the world’s automotive blogs so there’s no need for me to share on that. I have driven the 7.5R in Nurburgring, Sepang and now for a short back route driving – the result is the same, I love it.

The only reason that I did not take the Ulu Yam route is to save it from stone chips – the car is for sale still, but its a test drive unit – perhaps the only test drive unit available.

Whenever my friends and I have a conversation about the Golf R, I always get the same question¬† “DSG7 safe anot?” The 7 speed gearbox fitted on the Golf R is not similar to that on a dry clutch DQ200 DSG7 found on the 1.4tsi (except the tiguan mk2) / 1.8tsi Volkswagen models in Malaysia.

The 7.5R with a wet clutch DQ381 7 speed gearbox, feels is a lot more smoother overall vs the DQ250 6 speed gearbox. In fact, I always tell my friends that it felt like driving a CVT gearbox sometimes. On hindsight, I do miss the RAW DQ250 on the 7R but the saying goes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

The 7R in my opinion is already a very versatile car, drag/track/daily; been there, done that. I don’t know how else I want to elaborate on its versatility but once you drive it, you will understand what I mean.

Its a keeper, really,¬† and that’s why I am not selling (unless you offer me crazy price… please?) and the 7.5R provides the needed interior improvement for Volkswagen Golf fans.

Well, there’s only one way you can find out more about the car, head over Wing Hin Autohaus and get a test drive. Call +603-9076 6628