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Dear Friends of VWCM.

This has been bugging us for a while but for the longest time, we have held on our rule no 6 “6. ADVERTISING, site pimping, contests or any type of BUSINESS PROMOTION is prohibited unless approval by the moderator or/administrator and it is subject to a fee. Please email for more information;”

Well, we have stopped taking in commercial posters because we believe that this “vwclubmalaysia” space is for members and minimize commercial related entities so that we have more space for members than spammed commercial postings. Obviously, that didn’t go on very well for the past years and sometimes, things turn for the worse for the admins.

This is not a sustainable rule as we all need our day job to put bread on the table. We have been cursed, picked at and even name-called because of this. No one deserves to be at this position especially when we are all doing it to administer this space in the best possible ways.

We have considered removing this rule, but after much deliberation and thank you to a fellow member of reminding me that it was Rule No 6 that kept everything in order but we can no longer endure anymore abuse by overzealous salespeople. The solution?

Again, thank you fellow members for your feedback, we decided to open another facebook group segment under the name of VAG Performance Malaysia, a group for everyone (including commercial vendors) to buy/sell/trade their VAG parts – after all Audis also share similar parts with Volkswagen. Basically, this is a FREE market and everything goes!

The choice is yours, however, as an individual whether you want to post in either group. But commercial posting in VWClubMalaysia will remained exclusive to selected commercial vendors. We hope that this initiative will keep the space clean for members to share and no more rants from sales folks on our rule no 6 policy.

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Who can post sales items?


All individual members

Selected commercial vendor*

VAG Performance Malaysia


                                    *List to be out soon

Disclaimer: Please trade at your own risk. The moderators / admins are not liable for any fraudulent transactions or damages incurred. Always validate your buyer / seller before transaction. You are advised to always necessary precaution, validation and due diligence prior proceeding with any transactions.