Worthersee 2018 – k3v’s travel log part 2

First leg of the journey is Munich to Worthersee! Don’t you just love Google? I remember those days that my dad drove to Phuket from Ipoh with my mom relying on a piece of map and half of the time, trying to figure out if you should turn left or right.

Now you can turn on the GPS even to the market – to avoid jam and “other” information that is. Well, it works to our advantage, driving in foreign country made easy.

Don’t ask me who’s that dude. I don’t even recognise him anymore

First of all, before you embark on a trip when you will be driving, please get yourself an international driving license. You do not need to take any examination, all you need is to go to the JPJ with the required documentation and your photograph, pay RM 150 for a year and its done.

For more information, please refer to JPJ website here

Since GPS is going to be the primary assistance while travelling, I would recommend getting a global roaming simcard . Actually this is my first time using this service, I reckon you can obtain a better deal of simcard in destination countries but I couldn’t find any SIM service information on the web for Europe, so its better be safe than sorry.

While I was travelling around in Taiwan, I bought an unlimited data simcard, it was insane value deal. I can’t remember exact but it should be RM60 or RM 70 for 5 days. I used the card for my GPS and spotify all trip long.

It will be useful also bring along car charger and a car phone holder and for this trip, I am bringing my Iphone 6 for navigation and Iphone X for photo / video. You can rent GPS from the car rental company but I prefer to use my Google maps for updated information.

In a summary, these are the items that you should have with you when travelling abroad

  1. international driver license;
  2. Simcard or if you are don’t mind paying for roaming data, can skip this one;
  3. Phone or GPS
  4. Car phone holder and charger

Till next update.