Worthersee 2018 – k3v’s travel log part 1

Its T-3 days and we will be heading to Worthersee, Austria for the biggest and most celebrated Veedub event in Europe, some say the world. Despite the excitement, I can’t help but to feel a little disappointed with drop out of headcounts.

We received high interest for the trip initially which lead us to kick-start the plan but eventually, met a stumbling block when we found out that Nurburgring was not available during our travelling dates because of Nurburgring 24 hours which is a mega annual event at the ring.

So, we moved the travelling dates earlier so we can do a “one-stone kill two birds” Worthersee and Nurburgring together and then PRU14 election announcement came and wreck the entire itinerary – if we leave for Nurburgring on the 4th (we will be at the RING on the 5th, which is the only day available for public so we were told). That means we will not make it back for PRU14 because Worthersee starts 9th of May.

I guess it was the sequence of events that is inevitable and eventually, our only option is to fly on the 9th after we have done our voting and even that, we will only arrive on the 10th. That means we will miss the opening program.

Nevertheless, the show must go on and like they say, better be late than never. However, my prayers will be with Malaysia! and be blessed with the best outcome during this PRU14.

For this trip, I will be travelling this time with only 2 other mates to Worthersee and I am glad we managed to secure an introductory program on the 18th to the ring. Much to learn from this trip and hopefully we can make this an annual event for the club.

For the benefit of those new to Volkswagen, here’s a good video by Format 67 to get a sense of what all this is about and why many people travel across Europe to Worthersee.┬áThe passion of GTI comes to life every year at Worthersee!

I am super excited that we are going to spend 10 days in Germnay covering places like Worthersee, Wolfsburg. Autostadt, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart, Nurburgring and finally Frankfurt before we depart for KL.

There are a lot of things going on my mind, especially the driving part which is a total of 2600km distance to complete the entire trip. The thing that bugs me is that 9 hours drive from Worthersee to Wolfsburg which should take a toll – no pun intended and hopefully the autobahn will be nice to us.

If anything, I reckoned that the route should have been Munich – Worthersee – Ingolstadt and then Wolfsburg -> Dortmund and then Nurburgring as opposed to the current route, which we are back tracking to Ingolstadt after Wolfsburg.

Well, like I said, a lot of trial and errors and next year will definitely be a better one – so those of you keen of joining me next year, time to start saving.

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