VWClubMalaysia Koh Samui Drive Finale

They say that all good things must come to an end which I truly agree and friendship off keyboard is better than on. I cannot remember the last time I had this much fun, maybe the trip to Jakarta with the boys – it was clean in case you get the wrong idea. I always enjoy having good laughs with friends, which is rare these days because we are connected digitally and yet so far apart.

I have received some legit (seems to be the word these days) questions as to our travel arrangement. Its hard to put them all online now but I will try to do that much later. From this trip, I can tell you that driving in Thailand is very similar to driving in Malaysia, a lot of friends told me Thailand has a lot of nice roads but I honestly prefer Malaysian roads. We have plenty scenic routes, in my opinion is much better but the thing with driving in Thailand, the so called highway is actually a 2 lane trunk road, well, maybe that’s why they are free.

Pictures from our gathering at Kg Melayu Koh Samui for Haziq’s Birthday

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I am glad that we were given the Passat B8 instead of a B7, no offense to the B7 folks but B8 is much more matured. I was already very impressed with the fuel consumption – ok, maybe its just me because my Golf R drinks petrol for breakfast but 8.1L/100km average running on steroid mode is above my expectations. On a more demure mode, I was doing 7.0L/100km which probably is too boring for me, besides, the Perdana Turbo started it first! 😛

The driver’s seat comes equipped with a massaging function, a blessing for 700km drive from Hatyai to home and if you own a Golf MK6R with a sport seats, you probably agree with me! The other thing that surprises me is the handling on the Passat. I am not sure if its just the longer wheel base or because I have never driven a Passat hard, the car handles very well through long sweeping corners, under steers a little but acceptable for FWD.

I was sure that B7 has a lot of body roll, but I didn’t recognize that on  the B8; I recall that even the Audi A4 feels a little uncertain at times but I was impressed with the B8. I am not sure if its the tire profiles – 215/55/17 but it doesn’t make sense, 215? The 2.0 variant is running on 235/40/18 and I was joking about the tire size that resembles guys who skipped leg days on their gym routine.

Here’s a video taken from behind the Passat, if i recall correctly, we were going quite fast uphill and I wanted to test the handling, any faster than this, I think better to try in Sepang 🙂 If you noticed that the Passat barely twitched or maybe I wasn’t going fast enough, after all, we are on a public highway, there is no need to endanger anyone but for me, this is good enough for a family sedan with factory absorbers.

It does not come with DCC and all those fancy electronic stuff like the 2.0T but I prefer it that way, upgrading to coilovers on DCC enabled cars are pain in the butt. More than often, the DCC canceler fails and you can’t turn off your traction control until you fix it and apparently the car loses its power too – normally observed on the Mk7 GTI.

I am generally delighted with the Passat but I think it needs a little more power. The power on D7  mode is a bit soft but I reckoned that its necessary for fuel consumption. I guess you can say there is no best of two worlds but one day, I am sure technology can bridge the gap. After clocking close to 4000km mileage on the car, I am glad to report there is no juddering on the gearbox thus far. Wish I could keep the car a bit longer but I think its best to leave it for everyone to test drive.

You can contact 03-8962 6899, Wing Hin Autohaus for the test drive.


This is definitely a trip to remember and we can’t wait to plan for the next trip. I don’t mind going anytime soon, if I get the Passat B8 2.0t next but I doubt it will happen. Those of you who are interested to join us, get ready to pack your bags because it may happen soon. Till we all meet again, my friends, stay cool!