Germany / Austria 2018 budget – k3v’s travel logs part 4

We earlier did announced that the trip will cost RM 15,000.00 without flights in the prior announcement of the trip which I acknowledged that may have scared many away. 🙂

Frankly, it was a ballpark figure that we estimated based on a few assumptions;

  1. Nurburgring is a mandatory package for everyone;
  2. Travelling by plane to Wolfsburg and etc vs driving;
  3. Staying at Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg which cost around 500-800 per pax per night;
  4. Meals and packages.

Anyway its done and dusted now but since some of you asked me how much we paid for everything, here is breakdown of cost;

Please note

  1. Costing fluctuates based on exchange rate;
  2. Round up to nearest figures;
  3. Cash expenditure is subjective, depending what you eat/drink;
  4. Hotels are 2-3 stars and no luxury;
  5. Nurburgring package is also subjective to change according to the car selection;
  6. There are other cost like “vignette” which is Austrian toll stickers are not here but its only 10 euros, I lazy to print screen again 😛
  7. Parking cost also not included;
  8. VIP passes to events and etc not included but thanks VPCM for getting us the passes;
  9. Museum passes also not included but they are only 10 euro or less.

Next up, more pictures on Autostadt / Ingolstadt / Munich (blahh… probably skip this one) / Stuttgart and Nurburging plus some post-mortem thoughts on the trip.