From Wolfsburg to Stuttgart – k3v’s travel logs part 6

Took a break from updating the blog. There are so many photos that I took and it came out a bit under my expectations and I end up doing much of editing and eventually the jet lag got the better of me; running low of sleep was not helping either.

That aside, I found out today about certain individual doing funny things (in short back-stabbing) when you actually wanted to help them.

Imagine, who in marketing mind  would miss out congratulating the first person who bought a 300k car right? Premium priced car, top of the range and no body bats an eye, not even your own medias!

Pffuufffff, buy an AMG better – at least get a “welcome to AMG lounge” or an Audi RS3 would be nice, no welcome but with 400hp I can zoom my way out of these two-face politicking BS. it really dampens the enthusiasts mood but the show goes on I guess.

Here is a summary of the museum visits;

  1. The drive from Wolfsburg to Nurburgring via Ingolstadt / Munich / Stuttgart is 1,105km;
  2. Been one and you been them all – unless of course you love history and reading them makes you want to buy a Golf R than a FK8R;
  3. The name that came out in all 4 museum that we went to is Ferdinand Porsche, no wonder he is awarded the engineer of the century (if I recall correctly) – salute!;
  4. As far experience is concerned, I like the Mercedes museum the best, BMW not a fan, Audi was not as I expected and Porsche was the smallest among them;
  5. All factory tour has to be pre-booked or you get nothing;
  6. We saw James May and Richard Hammond at Porsche Museum restaurant though. not star struck but I took a picture from far while waiting for my Panamera Pasta – YES, its on the menu;
  7. Spotted a GT2RS in flesh at the Porsche Museum, to be honest, that’s something we can relate rather than a Porsche 365 – well, like i said, unless you are into history and classics, it may bore you;
  8. Of all the cities / town, the one that I like the most is Stuttgart, its not too quiet like Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg and less busy than Munich and Frankfurt;
  9. Frankly, too many places on the itinerary, I would rather we spend 2 nights in Nurburgring, I truly enjoy the ambient; in midst of the action and yet everything is so calm. Anyway, that’s the next post.

Enjoy the pictures, I had more but the editing is tiring and work beckons.



Stuttgart / Mercedes Museum

Stuttgart / Porsche Museum