A New Beginning

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It was a devastating weekend for the committee members.

On Friday, 27 Oct 2017, we lost our facebook group which has clocked close to 17,000 members for no apparent reason. No warning was given to us or any explanation from Facebook thus far on why the group just gone missing. We thought we were hacked, our pockets did the delete and even a conspiracy theory but Google tells us, this is a common issue.

Your groups could be next! but this certainly, not new to me. In the past 6 years of existence, we had our forum database wiped our twice and thinking that we will be safe from this disaster by putting our trust on Facebook, seems to be yet another disaster.

From what I read from Google and etc, this is not reversible, none of the reported case have managed to recover their group; there is basically nothing we can do except to build the group again.

Ironically, while I spent Friday night watching Thor: Ragnarok (spoiler alert!) with despair; thank you to VPCM for the tickets, I took home a message. “Asgard was never about the place, anywhere can be Asgard but without its people, Asgard is nothing.”

Thank you Marvel / Thor / Odin /Hulk / Loki / Stan Lee / whoever that was trying to send the message over, for the enlightenment (LOL), we will rebuild VWClubMalaysia. We have lost our homeĀ  and but we are not without the people!

I think this sounds better over the stage than on a blog, “macam yes” and if you think I am crazy, you are wrong! I am just trying to stay positive.

Come join us at www.vwclubmalaysia.com to rebuild the community and share your passion for brand!