The New Tiguan 1.4tsi Launching Soon

Picture taken from Volkswagen Malaysia Facebook

I guess I am going to miss the Volkswagen Sales Tour / Tiguan preview since I sprained my lower back couple of days back and I can only download images from internet which I normally don’t but I have some thoughts that I want to share from my sofa.

In wake of its launch, I have seen some discussion going around in VWClubMalaysia Facebook Group about the new Tiguan engine and its gearbox which will be fitted with a new 1.4Tsi engine (EA211) and a DQ250 also commonly known as DSG6.

Since 1.4tsi Golf Mk6 days, there are a lot of misconception when it comes to the term “DSG” gearbox, which generalizes all DSG gearboxes. For those new to Volkswagen world, DSG gearboxes are like cars, and they come in a few variants. Like cars also, they are divided by their ability to handle torque. As such, the general perception to say that all DSG gearboxes are problematic, it’s not entirely right.

Most issues were related to the DQ200 (commonly known as DSG7) gearbox, which are fitted on 1.2tsi, 1.4tsi and 1.8tsi variant in Malaysia, namely Polo, Jetta, Passat and Golf whereas the GTI, 2.0 variant and R line ups are fitted with DQ 250 but often, they are generalized and because of this, second hand value on the DQ250 cars are affected as well.

The difference between DSG6 and DSG7 is something I wanted to clarify many times, in fact i did over Facebook and yet the number of times someone ask “is it ok to buy a GTI / Scirocco 2.0 / Golf R” is astounding and clearly shows the misconception. I have owned four Volkswagen with DQ250 and all been through pretty harsh motorsport activities like track days, competitive racing, competitive drag and even gymkhana and yet no one comes to me and say “hey, the DSG is quite amazing right?” instead of “You drive Volkswagen ah? Gearbox no problem ah?”  Maybe I am just lucky or maybe I do take care of my car well, it’s not true that all DSG cars are problematic.

Anyway, here’s an abstract of DSG boxes extracted from Wikipedia and how they are different from each other;

Name Ratios Max. torque (N·m) Clutch type
DQ200 7 250 Dry
DQ250 6 400 Wet
DQ380 7 380 Wet
DQ500 7 600 Wet
DQ511 10 550 Wet
DL501 7 600 Wet

Looks like the DQ200 is the only odd one out with it being “dry” clutch whereas the rest are wet. In my previous posting (click here to read), the experience on improved DSG7 on the Passat B8 is obvious but many still believes that DSG7 is problematic and they associate 1.4tsi engines with DSG7, which is not to blame because in Malaysia, most 1.4tsi are fitted with DSG7 but now the new Tiguan 1.4tsi comes with DSG6 may puzzle those who are not familiar with Volkswagen.

And the million dollar question pops-up and you see it everyday in the group…

If you have read from the top, the answer to the question above is pretty obvious but let’s be more obvious (in case), the new tiguan 1.4 with DSG6 will unlikely to have inherent dsg and mechatronic issues because its not running on DSG7 (duh). Ok, so what about engine pistons cracking then?

I think it wouldn’t surprise you if I tell you that even the 1.4tsi comes in many variants – CAVD/CAVE. The EA111 engines (reference : Wikipedia) which is also commonly known as the twin-charged engines, has already been phased out. The new Tiguan comes with a new MQB engine EA211 also on the new jetta and golf 7 1.4tsi.

1.4 Twincharged Engine Source :

To date, I have not heard any engine breakdown related to piston issues for EA211 – perhaps isolated cases or not many units on the road vs sales number of EA111. Back in 2012/13, i recall Volkswagen clocking 13,000 unit sales vs. 2016 maybe 6000 units – I stand to be corrected.

Having said that, EA211 was meant to replace the popular twin charge among enthusiasts despite issues  – I say popular because many believe this engine can beat a GTI and in fact, our neighbours from Singapore have many heavily modded EA111 engine ready to kick a GTI’s butt. I hear that the twin charge with an uprated turbo/engine internals goes as high as 220 horsepower! Yes, on a 1.4cc engine! Sorry I digressed, not supposed to talk about modification, the last time this club has a tuner logo in our video, hell broke loose.

Here’s a look at the EA211 (thank you mr Google)

EA211 MQB engine layout Source :

Now coming back to the consumer part, is the new Tiguan 1.4 worth its money? Highline variant estimated at RM169,000 plus RM7,000 early bird discount, fitted with a digital cluster, full Media Pro entertainment (i am guessing, I have not seen/touch the actual car… I swear!), the small 1395 capacity engine means cheaper road tax and it’s good looks (ahem, after you change the oem wheels), I am sure it’s an ideal family car.

One thing that is bugging me though is the fuel consumption on this 1.4 engine with a SUV chassis. The new Tiguan comes with a power rating of 150ps and 250nm, similar to a Jetta and supposedly 1,485kg kerb weight which is quite similar to a Golf R but on brochure, it’s a combined fuel consumption of 6.7L/100km?!?! (edit : the numbers stated from a source seems to differ from my online search, since there is a discrepancy, best wait for the official brochure. I honestly think 6.7/100km for  a car of its size, is pretty good)

The typical Malaysian reply would be “sure or not” and will be interesting to see data from media drives, looking forward to launch day and check out the actual car, hopefully I will be back on my feet then.