The New Golf R Video

Someone shared a video on the new MK7R, thought I shared it as well.

Edit : Not sure why certain part were missing, after I posted. Basically, from the video, spotted a few things

  • New headlights, I am indifferent about this, I still like the old one better;
  • I like the air cents, maybe I will upgrade to this bumper;
  • I like the clubsport spoiler better but this is good as well;
  • The 17″ Performance Brake, looks like they have a bigger disc option;
  • Digital Cluster / Media Pro seems like hygiene factor lately;
  • Titanium Exhaust! Wow, I like this one!
  • Adjustable shocks/steering, not sure what this means, maybe air suspension? LOL at least that’s what I got from the video;
  • Sport Seats are back! Hopefully not those on the Mk6R, I really hate those seats….
  • I like the new Rear Lights, I hope can retrofit onto the exist Golf R.

Can’t wait for its launching here.