Volkswagen Passat B8 2.0T Data Collection using VCDS

Saturday afternoon, bored so decided to collect data for the Passat B8 2.0T from VCDS and made some graphs but I didn’t have enough space to go above 6000rpm. I believe the gear ratio for the Passat is similar to the Mk7 GTI and with 4th gear max speed touching 220km/h (i think, because my eyes glued on the road at that speed) while the MK7 Golf R only manages 180 km/h.

Special thanks to Wing Hin Autohaus for lending me test drive unit and here’s the Passat Stock Boost Request Vs Actual.

Air Mass is a bit strange but I can’t conclude without first testing different air intake boxes. Max Mass Air at 668 kg/h – i recall briefly that the tuned MK7 gets above 800 kg/h and with aftermarket intake above 900 kg/h but given that this is a very lazy Saturday afternoon, I decided to check it out another day 🙂

The timing retard on the car looks good i.e. there are no timing retard, I doubt the manufacturers will remove timing limiter so lets assume that even on RON95, there are no cylinder knocking or at least we can conclude the car is healthy (did I mention that this is the same car that was maxed out giving taxi rides on Mcclubz Speed Junkies day?)

The other thing that I normally checked is the intake air temp. As usual, stock intake air temp around 55 degrees, normally anything above 60 degrees and car loses which I am pretty sure I saw on most 1.2TSI. Maybe I will go out and get some logs on the 1.2 next round when I am bored. 🙂

Note that both boost / air mass / intake air temp logs are different runs – they don’t tally so don’t get excited. Another thing to note is that, I wasn’t able to go above 200km/h on the Passat on the stretches which i normally tested the cars – ok lah, I test my Golf R there but still, I was expecting at least 200km/h. OK lah, there were more cars than usual but i failed to do a 100-200km/h race logic log…… maybe I will try another day then.