Motorsport Project for 2017

I used to blog a lot under my own blog page at but I find it difficult to draw the line between personal rant and what I post for sharing in the club so here we go again. I intended to start with a few DIY stuff and etc but I need more material before I start so that is currently KIV.

Anyway, our motorsport project for 2017 story continues with the Mk6 GTI, which I admit that we have neglected because of the focus on MK7 Golf R and also because it is more cost effective to work on 7R than the 6GTI. The strategy paid off as we managed to beat the record of 2.24s set by the MK6 Golf R with a 2.23s lap time with much lesser mods.

A little history on the Mk6 GTI aka Fatboy which we have named him such earlier – to be frank, I am not very good names so don’t give me crap for funny names, was meant to be a track focus car with its wider body and handling setup. The project was a collective effort from the owner and myself, an entry to Motorsport from the club’s level, in short, this is a VWClubMalaysia track warrior alongside with the MK6R and before the Mk7R came into light.

We did pretty well in 2015, a second place ZTH Time to Attack Euro Street Category, clocking 2.34s on the Yokohama AD08R with Boy Wong behind the wheel before its clutch burnt and ended our journey; or rather a new journey begins. I personally love the GTI, the power from REVO Stage 3 Ko4 330hp was more than enough for spirited driving and light tracking but with the widebody, i personally felt that it was overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed because we should have more power to match the wider grip and etc. Imagine a stock standard GTI with a similar mods doing 2.35 vs a pro doing 2.34 on a widebody. Facts don’t lie, its apparent that what we did on the GTI is not smart, but life is always a learning curve.

I have a confession too that I was aware of the clutch issues prior to the race, but I took for granted and on top of my head, 2.34 should seal the deal. I underestimated the competition and a Scirocco GT beat us with a fraction of second and coming to second heat, the clutch was gone and there is nothing much we can do; noob mistake and hopefully we don’t repeat it. If the car is not fit, we should never run it; inside the track, at 50 plus degree, wear and tear is guaranteed.

The dying clutch actually kick-started the entire project in 2016, basically the GTI was ripped apart; the ko4 sold, the KW clubsport sold, brembo brakes sold, intercooler sold…. but in the end, the money went to the 7R! It was a tough call but right one because it will take too much time to rebuild the engine – because we are going for bigger power and check wear and tear. It will be another disappointment to run it and come short again.

The escalating USD is making this project a little hard to take off – our motorsport “advisors” have in fact advised to direct the fund towards the 7R, which now suffers fuel starvation and to go even faster, we need to lose weight which is something that I am reluctant to do. Also, this has been our project since 2015 and if I don’t work it out, its like breaking a promise, so for 2017, here’s an overview of the plan;

  1. Engine Rebuild – new pistons, new connecting rods, new valvetrain kits, new arp bolts;
  2. New Turbo – still considering options GTX28 / EFR6758  / GTX30 / EFR7163 and to be detailed in next post;
  3. New set of coilovers;
  4. New Brake Kit – likely to settle with endless brakes;
  5. A new set of intercoolers;
  6. I think I sold the intake too;
  7. Racing Seats;
  8. New clutches;
  9. New exhaust system;
  10. Maybe change the meth kit;
  11. Maybe new intake manifold.

Till the next update!


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