Newbies Guide to Trackday Preparation

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Newbies Guide to Trackday Preparation


We get these questions very often, in fact almost all our track we have had these question so I have decided to come up with a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for those who are new to Sepang International Circuit.

For formality sake, this is posting is solely to provide information and will be updated from time to time. Safety is not to be taken lightly in Motorsport, any damages or any incident inside Sepang International Circuit (SIC) will be at drivers/passengers/owner’s risk, I/we are not responsible for any damages or injury that may arise from this event.

Motorsport is dangerous and your ignorance on pre-caution and safety measures is not an excuse. We at VWClubMalaysia, take safety seriously, offenders or non-conforming behavior will be asked to leave and banned permanently from our future events without further notice. Everyone, including seasoned track go-ers must attend safety briefing.

Together we can make motorsport event fun and safe for everyone. 

I am new to the Sepang circuit, what should I bring?
Proper attire to the circuit is important. When you are driving inside the circuit, you will need a helmet – no bicycle helmet and no half face helmets. Gloves are not mandatory but good to have if you have sweaty palms. You need to be wear shoes –  no sandals or Crocs or anything that may obstruct your foot movement. You are also advised to wear proper pants i.e. no surf/board shorts.



How should I prepare the car?
There are no guidelines on car preparation but here’s something we think you may want to check prior to coming for a track day;

  1. Sufficient engine oil in the car, better still if you do an oil change;
  2. Brakes are working, brake pads are sufficient – at least 75% left. Re-bleed your brake fluids if necessary;
  3. Alignment and camber settings are intact;
  4. Tires with at least 75% remaining tread;
  5. Remove every loose item you have inside your car for example, Hello Kitty, Pikachus figurines or any loose objects that can move about;
  6. Please ensure that there are no oil leakages from the car, any leakages inside Sepang Circuit is chargeable and its not cheap;
  7. Avoid last minute modification that may result in possibly a disappointing track day, prepare your car ahead of time!

What are camber settings for Volkswagen cars and how I should do it?
Camber settings for cars varies, some more so less. Generally, for FWD cars, most will apply more camber in the front than the rear whereas for AWD cars, front and rear are equal. This is a very subjective requirement and driver dependent so best to consult your regular alignment specialist.


Do I have to use high graded petrol for track usage?
It is recommended that you have RON97 for track use – circuit ambient temp is higher than regular road use. Good quality fuel may prevent unnecessary stress on the engine. You can also consider using octane booster.


Do I need to have any other hardware or I can go in as it is?
Standard hardware is sufficient for some fun but bear in mind that ambient temp inside circuit can be high, and to prolong track usage, some cooling hardware may be necessary especially if you are already on performance ECU settings. I also like to recommend that you have your regular wear and tear items checked;

  • Intercooler hoses are tighten if you have installed aftermarket intercoolers;
  • Diverter valve checked and not leaking;
  • Ignition coils and spark plugs regularly changed.

Having said that, I personally think a good set of tires and handling setup is very important to have a good time.


How many passengers can I bring into Sepang Circuit?
Only driver and one front passenger, no kids under 18 allowed.


Can I bring my picnic basket and have a picnic inside the pit?
Sure you can if don’t mind the fumes, strictly no smoking inside pit please and do clean up after yourself.

Thank you for reading. Looking forward to a very fun outing soon.