VWClubMalaysia Bring On The Night 2018 Challenge

Illustration Purpose Only – since there’s 3 FK8R coming and they are all good friends; The Scirocco R and FK8R i mean

Not our usual thing; all of our track days have been without any challenges  because we were tight on budget and Its difficult to police especially you need to ensure that all drivers are driving their own cars and not the STIG jumping into every mate’s car and the whole pit of them wins something.

So, we have decided to break our tradition and put up 5 categories based on our participation list;

  1. VWClubMalaysia None Volkswagen Category by M Power
  2. VWClubMalaysia Volkswagen AWD Category by QuattroZone
  3. VWClubMalaysia Volkswagen FWD Category by Vestra Motorsport
  4. VWClubMalaysia Volkswagen Jetta Category by Eurodivision
  5. VWClubMalaysia 1.4 and below Category by MIL Auto

All categories will have similar conditions;

  • Challenge Session Timing starts from 2200hrs to 2400hrs;
  • Participants with a transponder are automatically enrolled;
  • Any driver defined as “Pro-driver” will have a handicap of 2 secs;
  • Semi-slicks tyres will have handicap of 2 secs;
  • The fastest lap will determine the winner and there are 3 winners per category;
  • Time completed by another driver other than registered will have 5 secs penalty added to their best time;
  • Sponsors and Organizers are not allowed to participate.

Categorization will be announced later

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I still go into the track during the challenge time between 2200-2400hrs?

Yes, you can. The time is an indication to the participants that we will be taking the best time between 2200-2400hrs. Anyone can still go into the circuit for the track day.

What do you mean by “Time completed by another driver other than registered will have 5 secs penalty added to their best time” and how is it being monitored?

This is to prevent “cheating” by participants asking a better driver to drive for him. While we will do our best to monitor, we urge your cooperation to make this fair and not manipulate the results. If there is a complaint and found true, we will not hesitate to disqualify you.

Who is qualified for this challenge?

Any participants with transponder is eligible.

How do I know the result of my hot lap?

We will provide results on hourly basis otherwise, other applications such as Speedhive should provide real-time lap results or you can consider using Harry’s Laptimer for IOS / Race Chrono for Android.

You have more questions? Feel free to drop us an email at info@vwclubmalaysia.com