VWClubMalaysia BOTN 03 August 2018 Categories

Illustration for fun only

Two more weeks till our Track Night! and of course the above illustration is for fun only. Our Jetta friends are very excited so I made them a simple poster.

As you all probably are aware, we have a few challenge drawn up for our participants and just a recap, we also have a handicap system which the following applies;

  1. Participants categorized as Pro-Drivers will have handicap of 2 secs of their best time;
  2. Semi-Slicks or tyres with less than 180 tread wear will have handicap of 2 secs;
  3. Sponsors and committee are not allowed to participate.

Here are the categories

Non Volkswagen Category by M-Power Motorsport

 Driver's NameStatusCar MakeCar Model
Lee Choon Wai SponsorHondaFK8 Civic Type R
Teh Qing DaParticipantAudiTT MK2
Daniel Yeoh Keat LyeParticipantMercedesAMG A45
Thomas HengParticipantAudiR8 V10
Wynn HueParticipantHondaFK2 Civic Type R
Ling Jia HowParticipantAudiTT Mk2
Wong Mun Seong ParticipantHondaFK8 Civic Type R
Soo Chin TianSponsorAudiS5 V6T
Chuah Chong EngParticipantAudiA5 2.0T
Wong Foo HeanParticipantAudiTTS Mk2
Koh Soon FattParticipantAudiA5 2.0T
Fahrizal HasanPro DriverHondaFK8 Civic Type R
Ng Chee MingParticipantAudiTT MK2
Thomas YapParticipantBMWM 235i
Yap Jian FoongParticipantRenaultMegane RS
Lew Chee KeongParticipantHondaFD2R Civic Type R
Timothy Thomas Yeo RenQuanPro DriverAudiTTS Mk3
Khoo Tiong PingParticipantPorsche997 turbo

Volkswagen AWD Category by Quattrozone Motorsport

 Driver's NameStatusCar MakeCar Model
Tan Ke-VinSponsorVolkswagenGolf R MK7
Lim Jia YangParticipantVolkswagenGolf R MK6
Mohd AbihurairahSponsorVolkswagenGolf R MK6
Tan Khoon YeeParticipantVolkswagenGolf R MK6
Vishnu GopalSponsorVolkswagenGolf R MK7
Hor Yuen KeongParticipantVolkswagenPassat B8
Lee Geok HingParticipantVolkswagenGolf R MK6
Jamal Farhan Bin JamaludinParticipantVolkswagenGolf R MK7
Najib Bin KamarudinParticipantVolkswagenGolf R MK6
Goh Kuan Hock MartinSponsorVolkswagenGolf R32

Volkswagen FWD Category By Vestra Motorsport

 Driver's NameStatusCar MakeCar Model
Goh Kim HanParticipantVolkswagenGolf GTI MK6
Yeah H’Ng EeParticipantVolkswagenScirocco R
Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab @Ali ParticipantVolkswagenGolf GTI MK5
Chuah Chong WeiParticipantVolkswagenPassat CC 2.0
Tanggo Khor Soo Ping ParticipantVolkswagenGolf GTI MK7
Mohammad Romzi FatahParticipantVolkswagenGolf GTI MK6
Goh Wei SinParticipantVolkswagenGolf GTI MK6
Mohd Hanif Bin AliParticipantVolkswagenGolf GTI MK6
Loh Kai YuenParticipantVolkswagenScirocco R
Emir Faizal Bin NoordinParticipantVolkswagenGolf GTI MK6
Khor Heng LeeSponsorVolkswagenScirocco 2.0
Muhamad Hilmi Bin KamaruddinParticipantVolkswagenGolf GTI MK6
Chen Voon FooiParticipantVolkswagenGolf GTI MK6
Thanawat Charas Virojna ParticipantVolkswagenScirocco R
Teoh Hong ChiewParticipantVolkswagenGolf GTI MK6
Faisal AsriPro DriverVolkswagenScirocco R
Lim Keng JuneParticipantVolkswagenScirocco R
Mohd Harisfathimi Bin ZakariaParticipantVolkswagenGolf GTI MK7
Muhammad Danial Bin Abdul AzizParticipantVolkswagenGolf GTI MK6
Mohd Ardilas Bin Mohd GhayatuddinParticipantVolkswagenGolf GTI Mk5

Volkswagen Jetta Category by Eurodivision Motorsport

 Driver's NameStatusCar MakeCar Model
Noor Zamzurenzaman Hurie Bin IsmalParticipantVolkswagenJetta 1.4 tsi
Muhammad Asyraf Bin Abdul Rahman ParticipantVolkswagenJetta 1.4 tsi
Mahadar Bin Abdul MutalibParticipantVolkswagenJetta 1.4 tsi
Mohamad Azuan Mohd DinParticipantVolkswagenJetta 1.4 tsi
Ng Kim Hoy ParticipantVolkswagenJetta 1.4 tsi
Muhammad Izdihar Bin Mohd Noor AzimiParticipantVolkswagenJetta 1.4 tsi
Mohamad Haniff Bin Mohd AliParticipantVolkswagenJetta 1.4 tsi
Mohamed Aizuddin Bin Mohamed KhairiParticipantVolkswagenJetta 1.4 tsi
Rohaizad Bin HamidiParticipantVolkswagenJetta 1.4 tsi
Idi Zain Hasyeem Bin RoslanParticipantVolkswagenJetta 1.4 tsi
Abdul Munir Bin Noor BakriParticipantVolkswagenJetta 1.4 tsi

Volksagen 1.4 and Below Category by MIL Auto

  Driver's NameStatusCar MakeCar Model
Chun Kok Han ParticipantVolkswagenScirocco 1.4
Leow Chwee KuanParticipantVolkswagenMK6 Golf 1.4tsi
Mohamad Niat Faez Bin FauziParticipantVolkswagenVento 1.2cc
Mohamad Nur Syafiq ZakariaParticipantVolkswagenPolo
Mohd Jefri Bin Abdul KarimParticipantVolkswagenScirocco 1.4

By the way, you didn’t read wrongly. The Passat B8 is in the AWD category. Perhaps the only Passat B8 in the country with AWD DQ500!!!