Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 Experience

Originally named as a “review” post but I guess, its a little bit too serious when you say its a review. Experience seems more appropriate, after all, I don’t have any equipment to scientifically quantify my findings.

I have used a few sets of tyres across price range, I personally can’t tell which is better in terms of rating – actually, i think that’s BS coming from someone like me,  rating a set of tyre 1-10 if its not measured scientifically.

Which is why, I have left this post in “draft” since 2017; I couldn’t finish this posting because I find it difficult to rate something that I can’t quantify, so instead, let talk about my 2017 experience with Goodyear Asymmetric 3.

Wet Performance

Long ago, I have had the Goodyear Asymmetric 2 as well and also a big fan of it. I love it because of its wet and dry grip. I think we all can agree that most incidents happen when its wet or when there is insufficient contact to the ground and rarely when its dry.

Prior to having the Asymmetric 3 (A3), I have had cheaper tyres on – I have nothing against cheap tyres but it rains and you are travelling around 110km/h, hydroplaning is not something you want to happen.

I am not saying expensive tyres doesn’t hydroplane but in my experience, it happens less and I believe in what you pay, is what you get. No offense, just my personal opinion.

Anyway, AWD or Quattro, once you start hydroplaning, there is a high chance it wouldn’t end pretty. Fortunately for me, I managed to escaped unscathed previously and since then I have always preferred bigger names in the industry.

I managed to get a set of 235/35/19 Goodyear Asymmetric 3 and after installation,  the boys and I went for a damp night drive. I was impressed, it felt more consistent vs. prior set of tyres in damp conditions which definitely fuels my confidence. Those of you who have heard about the story of a Golf R down karak at high speed that evening in the damp is probably true.

Honestly, if you ask me how this performs vs. similar category of tyres, I can’t give you an answer but I can say this set of tyres, grips well not only damp but also in the wet.

Dry Performance

So about 6000 km ownership, on a very last minute decision , we brought the Golf 7R in as a “taxi” (some say fake taxi) for VWClubMalaysia October 2017 track day – because my GTI wasn’t ready in time and the Golf 7R is already running on A3, it was the perfect choice.

What started as a fun ride, ended up being a time trial with Jay Choong on the wheel. Jay Choong is no stranger to the motorsport scene and often regarded as a fast driver.

He was skeptical that the 300 treadwear A3 is capable of dipping under 2.34s, not with stock brakes, street coilovers, full interior with no camber settings done.


His mission of the day was to taxi participants but clocking 2.36s on his first lap, with a passenger, things escalated quickly and he ditched his taxi riders for a well deserved 2.32s solo hot lap.

For some of you who are not into motorsport, the same Golf 7R has gone through many time trials, which we have managed to clock 2.27s best using an ultra high performance (UHP) 180 treadwear tyres with a track coilovers, big brake kit setup and slight interior lightening.

Comfort and Noise

To be honest, when you run 235/35/19, you wouldn’t expect much comfort from it and its hard to put a notch on the scale for this. I am not going to BS anyone, half of the community knows I have a loud exhaust setup, the blow off valve that sounds like a whale breathing, so what noise?

On the other hand, I do appreciate at times when you put on “jazz” mode on Spotify and it does not have that humming note like those 180 UHP tyres.


I like the A3 for its all rounder performance, in fact, I was going to get another set of tyres for my 18″ setup, but haven’t got to it because I am trying to gear up for my trip to Wolfsburg (next post, I will talk about this).

Tyres usage / feedback can vary by individual but what I feel makes the A3 a good contender in the comfort / performance segment is wet condition performance over 180UHP rivals and the fact is hums less is a bonus to me.

If you have read all the way to here, thank you! Today’s generation of youth wouldn’t have made this far, apparently, a video with anything more than 3 minutes is too long 😛

Take care and drive safe folks. Till the next blog post. We are heading to Worthersee!! Yay!

Edit : The Goodyear Asymmetric 3 is 300, not 200 as I mentioned earlier.